Submit your work for the chance to have your artwork featured on the 3dtotal homepage and in the Galleries!

How to submit to the 3DTotal Galleries

If you think you've got what it takes to be featured in the 3DTotal Galleries, you can submit your work right here for the team to check out.

All you need to do is to sign in with your 3DTotal Forums username and password. If you're not yet a member, it's completely free and only takes a few seconds to register - simply follow the link on the right!

You're welcome to submit as many images as you like, but please remember that the 3DTotal Galleries are moderated; the 3DTotal team selects the very best submissions to go into the Galleries daily.

By submitting your image to the 3dtotal magazine you are giving us your permission to feature your image in our new free monthly magazine, total.

Good luck!

Want to submit a tutorial?

If you've written any tutorials that you're proud of, we'd love to see them! To send your articles to the team to review and consider for the website, check out our guide to submitting tutorials!

Please note that, due to the volume of submissions we receive from the 3D community, we may not always be able to reply to your email. Thanks for your understanding.

Why submit?

3DTotal boasts one of the largest, most prestigious CG galleries on the internet. Updated daily since 1999, the 3DTotal Galleries currently contain over 5,260 of the best 3D illustrations from the last decade. Check them out!

If your image is accepted by the 3DTotal team, it will go on the 3DTotal homepage where it will be viewed by tens of thousands of visitors every day! Your image will then have a permanent home in the 3DTotal Galleries, where it will be enjoyed by visitors (including potential employers!) for years to come.

All images accepted by the 3dtotal team are automatically given a 3dtotal Excellence Award (below). If you are one of these lucky people, feel free to pop on your site and in your portfolio.

How do I know if I have been successfully accepted?

The 3DTotal team aims to approve / decline images within 10 days of receiving a submission. If you don't hear from us within this time, please contact us if you're worried.

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The 3DTotal Excellence Award!

If your image is approved for the 3DTotal Galleries, you can download the 3DTotal Excellence Award (below) to display with your image on your website, blog and/or CV. Show it with pride and enjoy - you deserve it!


(Prefer a larger version? Download it in higher resolution )