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  • ANNOUNCEMENT 25/09/2018

    3dtotal's new site will be live soon. Learn about the new image upload options available NOW including 20:20 & parallax...

    INTERVIEW 25/09/2018

    Nabil Chequieq recently made the move from Morocco to Indianapolis, USA to continue his character design development – check out his work and learn more…

    INSPIRATION 24/09/2018

    Founder of Render Expert, Mohsen Hashemi takes through an array of arch-viz techniques to take your work to the next level…

    FREE TUTORIAL 21/09/2018

    Juan Camilo Vallejo demonstrates his process for creating two stunning cyberpunk characters…

    ARTICLE 21/09/2018

    Konstantin Gdalevich explains why Maya is his modeling software of choice, covering its benefits and why he would still recommend it to his early self…

  • ARTICLE 20/09/2018

    Mohsen Hashemi examines which render software might be best for your arch-viz stills, architectural animations, and commercial projects…

    PODCAST 20/09/2018

    Trevor Hogg talks to Sean Konrad of Method Studios about the VFX work created for "Deadpool 2" in our latest podcast...

    ARTICLE 19/09/2018

    Learn what you need to know for translating your traditional painting skills to the digital realm...

    FREE TUTORIAL 18/09/2018

    Concept artist Gabriel Romero takes a horror-themed flash fiction piece and turns it into an illustration with Photoshop...

    ARTICLE 18/09/2018

    3D artist Marcelo Pinheiro offers inspiration in the form of 10 artistic styles he loves, from classical sculpture to hyperrealism…

  • INTERVIEW 17/09/2018

    Total War: Warhammer & Horizon Zero Dawn Character & Creature Artist Vick Gaza shares his studio and personal workflow, and inspirations…

    ARTICLE 17/09/2018

    Sculptor Alejandro Pereira takes a closer look at what you need to know if you're taking the first steps from traditional sculpting to digital…

    FREE TUTORIAL 14/09/2018

    Concept artist Andy Walsh takes us through the Photoshop process for painting an imposing Cthulhu accepting a sacrifice…

    FREE TUTORIAL 13/09/2018

    Digital sculptor Juan Pitluk takes us through the ZBrush and 3ds Max workflow behind his Dr Fate 3D sculpt...

    INTERVIEW 12/09/2018

    Illustrator François Coutu discusses his favorite artists, the video games that inspire his vivid artwork and his ambitions for the future…

News - Animations, Movies and Artists

25th September 2018

The ferocious Indoraptor is on the loose in this animated short for Lego Jurassic World.

25th September 2018

Evil Pirate Studio have put out a trailer for Cyberslav.

25th September 2018

Check out Allegorithmic's Substance VFX showreel featuring work from a selection of commercials and films made with Substance.

24th September 2018

RealtimeUK have created this new trailer for Sea of Thieves: Forsaken Shores.

News - Tutorials, Features and Industry News

25th September 2018

Admira Wijaya has posted a digital painting timelapse video done with Photoshop.

23rd September 2018

Learn about the role of an Asset TD at Digic Pictures.

23rd September 2018

Video Copilot have released a trailer for Orb, their new free plug-in for creating planets in After Effects.

23rd September 2018

This tutorial video shows how to create tracer fire in After Effects using Trapcode Particular.

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