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  • STORY TUTORIAL 28/06/2017

    Victoriya Anda Shamykina guides you through the step-by-step process of creating a deeply emotional piece from a flash fiction narrative...

    REVIEW 28/06/2017

    With the release Allegorithmic's latest offering of Substance Painter, we take a look at what's new and improved...

    KICKSTARTER 28/06/2017

    Not long left to back the Sketch Workshop Expanded Edition Kickstarter! We're nearly at the third stretch goal!

    TOP TIPS 27/06/2017

    Concept artist Manuel Robles offers advice on finding inspiration and organizing your ideas, as well as a quick cheat to help with perspective...

    REVIEW 27/06/2017

    We take a look at the UGEE UG2150 graphics tablet and ask if it is a viable alternative to the Wacom Cintiq

  • FEATURE 26/06/2017

    "The Paper Fox" is a mobile app in a picture-book style, built from scratch by 3D artist Jeremy Kool. We learn more about Jeremy's project...

    INTERVIEW 23/06/2017

    Brazilian 3D artist Jonfer Maia creates characters for a variety of forms – check out his workflow and portfolio, and inspirations...

    FREE TUTORIAL 23/06/2017

    Discover the process behind Aekkarat Sumutchaya's summer scene

    SHOP OFFER 22/06/2017

    Check out the latest sale in our new shop - grab a book for £5!

    FEATURE 22/06/2017

    Step into the Faultlines, a world filled with faeries and creatures from the Other World in this illustrated art book by Iris Compiet...

  • FEATURE 21/06/2017

    Oscar-winning VFX Supervisor Bill Westenhofer talks about the challenges faced working on the FX for Wonder Woman...

    INTERVIEW 21/06/2017

    Tamas Medve trained as an architectural illustrator but constantly strives to experiment and improve – check out his portfolio and more...

    FEATURE 20/06/2017

    Traditional modeler Tibor Kéri creates clay sculptures packed with detail and texture. We chat with him about his work and what inspires him the most...

    INTERVIEW 19/06/2017

    Experienced freelance concept artist and illustrator Andrew Bosley shares work from his portfolio, and the challenges faced balancing client and personal art...

    FEATURE 16/06/2017

    Take a closer look at the previs, FX and CGI created for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales...

News - Animations, Movies and Artists

28th June 2017

Rakka is the first short film from Oats Studios.

28th June 2017

Studio Local have released a trailer for their upcoming short film Twenty One Points.

28th June 2017

Check out a collection of great interactive art from Sketchfab.

27th June 2017

Caesar meets his enemy in this clip from War for the Planet of the Apes.

News - Tutorials, Features and Industry News

28th June 2017

Jasmine Rose is a collaborative project created by a group of friends, with an upcoming free release of the rig.

27th June 2017

In this video, Allegorithmic take a step-by-step approach to the texturing of an asset in Substance Painter.

26th June 2017

Chaos Group have posted an article explaining V-Ray hybrid rendering.

26th June 2017

See highlights and breakdowns of CoSA VFX's work on season 3 of Gotham.

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