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  • FREE TUTORIAL 18/09/2018

    Concept artist Gabriel Romero takes a horror-themed flash fiction piece and turns it into an illustration with Photoshop...

    ARTICLE 18/09/2018

    3D artist Marcelo Pinheiro offers inspiration in the form of 10 artistic styles he loves, from classical sculpture to hyperrealism…

    INTERVIEW 17/09/2018

    Total War: Warhammer & Horizon Zero Dawn Character & Creature Artist Vick Gaza shares his studio and personal workflow, and inspirations…

    ARTICLE 17/09/2018

    Sculptor Alejandro Pereira takes a closer look at what you need to know if you're taking the first steps from traditional sculpting to digital…

  • FREE TUTORIAL 14/09/2018

    Concept artist Andy Walsh takes us through the Photoshop process for painting an imposing Cthulhu accepting a sacrifice…

    FREE TUTORIAL 13/09/2018

    Digital sculptor Juan Pitluk takes us through the ZBrush and 3ds Max workflow behind his Dr Fate 3D sculpt...

    INTERVIEW 12/09/2018

    Illustrator François Coutu discusses his favorite artists, the video games that inspire his vivid artwork and his ambitions for the future…

    FREE TUTORIAL 11/09/2018

    Senior 3D character artist Mauro Baldissera takes us through the ZBrush workflow behind his Skyup Academy Robot...

    NEW TITLE! 10/09/2018

    With over 900 drawing projects, The Sketch Encyclopedia is the perfect resource for your first steps into sketching. Pre-order now and receive a free A5 sketchbook!

  • INTERVIEW 10/09/2018

    3D character artist Andre Souza enjoys medieval fantasy and aims to create both realistic and stylistic characters with ZBrush and 3ds Max. Find out more…

    FREE TUTORIAL 07/09/2018

    See how Michael Robson creates his fearsome orc, with a focus on skin shaders, using ZBrush, Mari, Maya, 3ds Max, Substance Painter, V-Ray, and Ornatrix...

    INTERVIEW 06/09/2018

    Brazilian 3D artist Cristiano Porfirio moved from graphic design to 3D, and now works freelance, creating enticing characters. Find out more…

    INTERVIEW 05/09/2018

    Senior Layout Artist at Sony Pictures Imageworks, Arem Kim, talks about the importance of layouts in the movie industry and the essential skills you need to make a career in previs...

    FREE TUTORIAL 04/09/2018

    When you're low on ideas, dive into your sketchbook! Amir Zand takes us through the process for creating a polished scene, using a sketch as a base...

News - Animations, Movies and Artists

17th September 2018

An old antagonist returns in this clip from Solo: A Star Wars Story.

17th September 2018

Check out this reel from Halon Entertainment showcasing their video game work.

17th September 2018

Blur Studio have created this CG trailer for the new Spider-Man game.

15th September 2018

Squeeze Studio is thrilled to unveil its new original creation, Jax.

News - Tutorials, Features and Industry News

17th September 2018

See what's coming up in Unity 2018.3 beta.

15th September 2018

Outpost VFX have posted a breakdown of their work on Final Score.

15th September 2018

Nate Shaw talks about how Method brought Rocket Raccoon to life for Avengers: Infinity War.

14th September 2018

In this video, Allegorithmic take a look at using Substance outputs with Redshift.

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