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  • REVIEW 23/05/2017

    There are many options for character creation, so does this latest offering from Reallusion add something useful to the mix?

    INTERVIEW 22/05/2017

    Lead 3D artist based in Rome, Italy, Fabio D'Amico uses Mudbox, 3ds Max and Houdini to great effect for his modeling – find out more...

    FEATURE 22/05/2017

    Escape Technology's Dominic Danson talks to us about the company and their event Creative Rooms...

    FREE TUTORIAL 19/05/2017

    3D artist Luca Veronese talks us through this impressive VRscans based project...

    INTERVIEW 18/05/2017

    Brazil-based 3D artist Italo Cerone shows his Maya and V-Ray workflow behind some of his portfolio images, and reveals his inspirations...

  • INTERVIEW 17/05/2017

    3D caricaturist Paulo Ferrari shares some of his cool characters while discussing the ZBrush workflow behind his creations...

    FREE TUTORIAL 17/05/2017

    Farid Ghanbari runs through the Maya and Substance Painter workflow for his incredibly detailed still life image "Bottles of Life"...

    FEATURE 16/05/2017

    Concept artist Noely Ryan walks us through his path into the industry, provides some great advice about working with others and offers guidance on working at a studio...

    INTERVIEW 16/05/2017

    Milan-based 3D student Dario Bonito created the Cyber Demon Titan for a cyberpunk Unreal project – check out more images and his future plans...

    FEATURE 15/05/2017

    The Third Floor pre and postvis supervisor James Baker recounts his experiences working on "Guardians of the Galaxy 2," the studio's 11th Marvel collaboration...

  • INSPIRATION 12/05/2017

    Concept artist Ben Mauro is a master of ZBrush sketching! Here he shares how he uses ZBrush to develop his ideas for film...

    FEATURE 11/05/2017

    Michele Durazzi walks us through his imaginative mini-series "Once Upon a Time"...

    TOP TIPS 11/05/2017

    Check out Paul Hatton's general advice for making your architectural visualization stand out from the rest...

    INTERVIEW 10/05/2017

    Industry veteran César Sampedro worked for some big studios prior to going freelance to focus more on concept art. Check out his story...

    FREE TUTORIAL 10/05/2017

    See how Jonas Schlengman created his gorgeous gallery entry "Prince Sunflower..."

News - Animations, Movies and Artists

22nd May 2017

Here's the trailer for Fox's new sci-fi series, The Orville.

22nd May 2017

DC Entertainment have released the launch trailer for Injustice 2.

21st May 2017

The minions take the stage in this clip from Despicable Me 3.

21st May 2017

The Gifted is an upcoming series taking place in the X-Men universe.

News - Tutorials, Features and Industry News

22nd May 2017

This masterclass covers the new shading features in Houdini 16.

22nd May 2017

XRemesher is a tool that helps artists to retopologize meshes inside 3ds Max in a fast and straightforward way.

21st May 2017

DECALmachine is a Blender addon, a set of tools to simplify and automate working with mesh based decals.

20th May 2017

Learn how to create a nice and thick mudsplash in Unreal Engine, using a FLIP tank in Houdini.

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