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  • FREE TUTORIAL 18/08/2017

    Learn how freelance 3D artist Nicolas Morlet created his "House on the Roc" image using ZBrush, 3ds Max, and Photoshop...

    FREE TUTORIAL 17/08/2017

    Piotr Rusnarczyk, Senior Character Artist at Flying Wild Hog, breaks down the best features of OctaneRender to demonstrate how he created his spectacular work, "H.A.S.H."...

    INTERVIEW 17/08/2017

    Freelance 3D artist Rafael Chies specializes in look dev, lighting, and environments; and is strongly influenced by what he sees on long walks – learn more...

    FREE TUTORIAL 16/08/2017

    Discover the process behind Aekkarat Sumutchaya's image Graffiti Girl.

    FEATURE 16/08/2017

    Ever wondered if workshops & events are for you? Or how useful they really are? Concept artist and illustrator Sebastien Hue answers your questions...

  • FREE TUTORIAL 15/08/2017

    Discover the process and techniques Sergey Svistunov uses to paint atmospheric winter landscapes.

    NEW PRODUCTS 14/08/2017

    New anatomy figures and book now available in the 3dtotal shop! Build up your understanding of the human head and study arm muscles in different positions!

    FEATURE 14/08/2017

    Freelance artist and sculptor Samo Kramberger shares a selection of his traditional clay works...

    INSPIRATION 11/08/2017

    Illustrator and animator Samuel Berry explains how his martial arts training helps him create his art, plus some great tips on focusing and finding the best frame of mind...

    INTERVIEW 10/08/2017

    Awesome concept artist Julian Calle shares work from his portfolio and offers tips for improving as an artist...

  • FEATURE 10/08/2017

    Romain Van den Bogaert's clay models positively come alive with personality. We talk to the artist about the many inspirations behind his work and key advice for those beginning to sculpt...

    FEATURE 09/08/2017

    Concept artist and illustrator Sarayu Ruangvesh breaks down his sketching style and offers some tips on finding inspiration...

    INSPIRATION 08/08/2017

    Framestore's Leon Enriquez tells us more about his ZBrush work, sculpting process, and finding time to sketch...

    NEW TITLE! 08/08/2017

    Mythical Beasts: An Artist’s Field Guide to Designing Fantasy Creatures is now on pre-order! Get a free Mythical Beasts card game when ordering this title.

    FEATURE 08/08/2017

    War is raging for the latest Planet of the Apes installment aided by an army of Weta Digital Sequence VFX artists – Supervisor Luke Millar leads the surge...

News - Animations, Movies and Artists

17th August 2017

Mezcaliente is a western-themed animated short created at ESMA.

15th August 2017

Digic Pictures have posted their latest showreel.

14th August 2017

Blissful Melodies is an animated short created by students from Gobelins.

14th August 2017

The Hulk saves the day in this Renault commercial.

News - Tutorials, Features and Industry News

17th August 2017

Check out Andrew Averkin's ongoing development diary for Project Utopia.

17th August 2017

Check out Gnomon's free ZBrush Sculpting Workshop: Sci-Fi Design & Development event, tonight.

17th August 2017

Escape Motions is having a summer sale! Save big on Rebelle, Flame Painter and Amberlight software with up to 30% off.

16th August 2017

Join Huion "Back to School" Drawing Challenge! Draw your own magic school and win KAMVAS GT-221 Pro!

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