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  • FREE TUTORIAL 16/07/2018

    Senior character modeler Darko Mitev creates a character inspired by his viewing of "Fantastic Beasts and where to find them"...

    INTERVIEW 13/07/2018

    Senior character modeler for Brown Bag Films, Darko Mitev, shares his passion for animation and creating interesting characters, with portfolio tips and other inspiration…

    FREE TUTORIAL 12/07/2018

    See how Federico Ferrarese combines traditional and digital techniques to build an effective mecha design...


    The new 3dtotal site will feature podcasts and a new gallery option to reveal the levels and passes beneath your final artwork...

    ARTICLE 11/07/2018

    Executive creative director and head of Industrial Light & Magic, Rob Bredow, talks about the extensive work created for "Solo: A Star Wars Story”...

  • FREE TUTORIAL 10/07/2018

    Bruce Conners takes inspiration from a piece of flash fiction to create a mischievous alien youth with ZBrush, Marvelous Designer, and KeyShot...

    INTERVIEW 09/07/2018

    Concept Artist and Art Director at Blue Zoo, Izzy Burton talks about her award winning short animation "Via,” and how she developed her style…

    FREE TUTORIAL 06/07/2018

    Amir Zand takes us through his speed painting workflow for creating a sci-fi Rover on Mars...

    INTERVIEW 05/07/2018

    Argentinean 3D artist Jorge Fernando Villar has worked on a variety of projects for collectibles, and enjoys sculpting iconic, expressive characters. Find out more...

    FREE TUTORIAL 04/07/2018

    Marco Espinosa takes us through the Photoshop process behind his sci-fi inspired abandoned port...

  • INTERVIEW 03/07/2018

    Erick Buosi works for Tribbo Post in São Paulo, Brazil, as part of the look-dev team, while creating imaginative 3D characters in his spare time. Find out more...

    FREE TUTORIAL 02/07/2018

    Marcelo Pinheiro takes us through the ZBrush, 3ds Max, and Substance Painter process for his "Centurion" created in Rafael Grassetti and Glauco Longi's Forge Club...

    INTERVIEW 29/06/2018

    Paris-based CG generalist Guillaume Rajaona has worked on a variety of projects, from "Thor” to "Despicable Me 2” – find out more…

    FREE TUTORIAL 28/06/2018

    Discover how to color a grayscale image in Painter with John Malcolm.

    INTERVIEW 27/06/2018

    Concept artist and illustrator Bruno Biazotto talks about his dark fantasy inspirations, "mind-body synergy” in drawing and how working for CD Projekt Red changed his life…

News - Animations, Movies and Artists

16th July 2018

Digital Extremes have released this teaser for the next chapter in Warframe's cinematic questline. (Spoilers)

16th July 2018

The Daily Dweebs is a pilot episode for an animated series by Blender Animation Studio.

16th July 2018

Step inside these 13 interiors designed by Maya, 3ds Max, and Mudbox artists.

15th July 2018

Each champion plays their own way in this CG promo for League of Legends.

News - Tutorials, Features and Industry News

16th July 2018

Izabela Poznańska has posted several facial blendshapes created for the multiple characters in the latest Skull and Bones CG trailer.

15th July 2018

This video shows a quick overview of RayFire 1.82.

15th July 2018

See how to use the Livelink functionality in the Substance in Unreal Engine plugin.

15th July 2018

Check out this latest studio reel from the team at Frame Forge showcasing their latest VFX work.

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