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  • FREE TUTORIAL 22/03/2018

    Concept artist Chris McCabe guides us through adding FX to your work in Photoshop, looking at blurs, filters, and lens effects...

    INTERVIEW 21/03/2018

    Crystal Dynamics senior character artist Mike Svymbersky recently wrapped on the assets for "Rise of the Tomb Raider,” and is currently working on "The Avengers” project...

    NEW BLOG POST! is changing - our fourth post is up on our development blog, revealing important accessibility updates and profile page options...

    FEATURE 20/03/2018

    No stranger to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Scanline VFX Supervisor Bryan Grill who had to create Warrior Falls for "Black Panther"....

    INTERVIEW 19/03/2018

    Learn more about Julian Calle's passion for art and the work he has done as a concept artist for Image Engine, Vancouver...

  • INTERVIEW 16/03/2018

    Nathan Anderson shares his gorgeous fan art with us, plus advice on designing characters and keeping your portfolio fresh...

    FREE TUTORIAL 15/03/2018

    Take your character modeling to the next stage and check out the high-poly modeling chapter from the Next Gen Character: 3ds Max eBook...

    FEATURE 14/03/2018

    Concept artist Arturo Gutierrez G. offers practical advice for painting digitally on the go...

    INTERVIEW 14/03/2018

    "Sketching from the Imagination: Dark Arts” illustrator Albert Che tells us about the inspiration for his macabre art and his love for printmaking...

    FREE TUTORIAL 13/03/2018

    Discover Tyler Edlin's approach to environments as he demonstrates his techniques with two paint-overs.

  • NEW ISSUE! 12/03/2018

    Issue 03 – the character issue – of our free emagazine Total is now available to download featuring a number of tutorials to help you create a wide array of different characters.

    INTERVIEW 12/03/2018

    "Sketching from the Imagination: Dark Arts” artist Jana Heidersdorf spooks us silly with her creepy creations and offers some invaluable insights into working as a professional artist...

    FEATURE 09/03/2018

    Chris McCabe examines 5 ways to inject personality into your characters, from clothing to some of the smaller details...

    COMPETITION 08/03/2018

    February's top-voted image was Guilherme Adolfo Dutra da Silva's "Robot and kid” – check out this and the best of the rest...

    FEATURE 07/03/2018

    Leon Tukker and Tyler Edlin reveal secrets to improve your workflow when creating sci-fi concept art.

News - Animations, Movies and Artists

21st March 2018

Gypsy Avenger battles Obsidian Fury in this clip from Pacific Rim: Uprising.

21st March 2018

Check out three clips from Disney's A Wrinkle in Time film.

21st March 2018

Check out the latest compositing reel by Maninder Singh.

20th March 2018

Platige Image have created this CG trailer for Frostpunk.

News - Tutorials, Features and Industry News

22nd March 2018

Start your 3D production on a Budget with including commercial license.

21st March 2018

“We turn to YellowDog in times of need.” Rendering doesn’t have to be a challenge if you follow BrownBagFilms’ example. Click here ...

20th March 2018

See what's new in the Substance Painter Spring 2018 update.

20th March 2018

Hum3D have started a new 3D art challenge for the best car in a Post-Apocalyptic style.

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