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  • FREE TUTORIAL 17/10/2017

    Freelance concept artist Andy Walsh revisits his Halloween-themed painting "Pumpkin Tree" and applies his latest Photoshop knowledge to refine and upgrade...

    FEATURE 17/10/2017

    The Sony Pictures Imageworks team created some first-class VFX for the new Kingsman sequel, The Golden Circle...

    NEW TITLE! 17/10/2017

    Beginner’s Guide to ZBrush is now available to pre-order in the 3dtotal shop! Pre-order now and get 20% off this book!

    INTERVIEW 16/10/2017

    "Mythical Beasts” artist Kiri Leonard tells us about her Kickstarter, "Year of the Unicorn,” as well as her favorite artists, techniques and the furry animals who occupy her life...

    FREE TUTORIAL 13/10/2017

    3D lighter Matteo Caruso explains the ZBrush, Maya, XGen, Substance and Nuke workflow behind his cool cartoon tiger concept interpretation...

  • FEATURE 13/10/2017

    Spend less time doing the tasks that can be streamlined and give yourself more time to be creative...

    FREE TUTORIAL 12/10/2017

    Peter Braeley demonstrates how he followed the basic rules of principles, perspective and shapes to create his image, Sacrifice.

    INTERVIEW 11/10/2017

    Freelance 3D character artist Kieran McKay shares some of his cool characters and talks about his experience of working on different projects with different teams...

    FEATURE 11/10/2017

    Learn more about the ideal workstation set-ups to make the most of your Cinema 4D workflow...

    FEATURE 10/10/2017

    Landing a creative job is not always that simple. Here we explore some tips that may help keep you on track once you have graduated...

  • COMPETITION 09/10/2017

    September's gallery winner was Gustavo Medeiros with his sketch render of Roman Bondarenko's "Turban Mummy”...

    FREE TUTORIAL 09/10/2017

    Sergey Svistunov demonstrates how he uses brush strokes and lighting to paint dark fantasy characters.

    FREE TUTORIAL 06/10/2017

    Discover how to create a comic book panel with Enrique Fernandez. Part two: Create a color key and final sketch.

    INTERVIEW 05/10/2017

    3D and Look Dev artist Victor Trovato moved to the UK from Brazil to follow his passion to work in the VFX industry – find out more and check out his look dev reels...

    FEATURE 04/10/2017

    Freelance 3D artist James Suret guides us through seven tips for creating insane characters...

News - Animations, Movies and Artists

16th October 2017

Imageworks celebrates 25 years of innovation, imagination and creativity.

16th October 2017

Fox and the Whale is an animated short about a fantastical meeting between two creatures from different parts of the natural world.

15th October 2017

Iden Versio faces the reality of the Emperor's demise and receives her first assignment in this cutscene from Star Wars Battlefront II.

15th October 2017

Black Out 2022 is an anime prequel to the new Blade Runner 2049 film.

News - Tutorials, Features and Industry News

16th October 2017

Join Gnomon this Friday for their event hosting Vitaly Bulgarov as he talks about his legendary career.

16th October 2017

Thinkbox Software is promoting Deadline 10 with a huge sale – Don't miss out! Render without limits for less!

15th October 2017

Read about CoSA VFX's hardest shot created for Gotham.

15th October 2017

Learn about Inverse Kinematics in this video tutorial for Blender.

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