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  • INSPIRATION 14/08/2018

    The last 3 months have featured high quality scenes, environments & characters in the gallery – check out the most popular images featured on our site…

    INTERVIEW 13/08/2018

    DICE LA 3d artist, Guilherme Rambelli, tells us about the incredible power of photogrammetry and what you need to start using the technique yourself...

    INTERVIEW 10/08/2018

    Character Artist, Bernardo Cristovao, and Concept Artist, Thomas Karlsson, talk to us about the creation of "Solak” and "Merethiel” from the latest update to Jagex's eternal classic, "RuneScape”…


    The new 3dtotal site will feature podcasts and a new gallery option to reveal the levels and passes beneath your final artwork...

    FEATURE 09/08/2018

    Take a look behind the scenes of a texturing department and how they source and create new textures and materials…

  • KICKSTARTER 09/08/2018

    There is only one week left to back the Kickstarter for The Art of Heikala. Check out the campaign now to find out more about the book and see what stretch goals are up for grabs!

    INTERVIEW 08/08/2018

    Miki Bencz talks about how he creates his beautiful 3D models and what goes into creating a great character…

    FREE TUTORIAL 07/08/2018

    Igor Wolski takes us through his illustration process for creating an image with story, using traditional and digital methods...

    SHOP OFFER 07/08/2018

    Buy one get one half price on all Sketching from the Imagination books in our online shop for a limited time only!

    INTERVIEW 06/08/2018

    Method Studios Texture Painter and Lookdev Artist Paul H Paulino has worked on projects ranging from "Justice League” to "Aquaman.” Check out his methods and inspirations…

  • FREE TUTORIAL 03/08/2018

    Matteo Ascente takes a Mars-inspired flash fiction piece to create a fiery sci-fi environment with Photoshop, Mandelbulb, and Maya...

    INTERVIEW 02/08/2018

    UK-based 3D artist Danny Mac creates tutorial and advice videos on YouTube featuring ZBrush and Blender. Find out more...

    FREE TUTORIAL 01/08/2018

    Spanish 3D artist and modeler Fran Alonso takes us through the process for his demon bust, created with ZBrush, Maya, Mari, and other software…

    INTERVIEW 31/07/2018

    Art Director, Tim Probert talks about his art, influences, his animated short "Bea & Cad” and his work at Aardman Nathan Love…

    FREE TUTORIAL 30/07/2018

    Sergey Svistunov demonstrates the process he uses to paint an eye using Photoshop.

News - Animations, Movies and Artists

12th August 2018

Check out this animated trailer for the new Dead Cells game.

12th August 2018

Here is the final trailer for the animated Smallfoot film.

12th August 2018

RealtimeUK have created this trailer for RuneScape.

10th August 2018

Here are two new TV spots for the AXL film.

News - Tutorials, Features and Industry News

13th August 2018

Maxon have announced Cinema 4D Release 20.

13th August 2018

E-on Software have launched their 2018 Student Reel contest.

13th August 2018

Take a look at how to use the new subsurface scattering shader in the leatest update for Substance Painter.

13th August 2018

Go behind the scenes of the hair workflows Pixar used on Incredibles 2.

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