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  • FREE TUTORIAL 21/02/2017

    Alvaro Claver shares his process for sculpting the awesome APEX the Robot using MARI and Maya...

    TOP TIPS 20/02/2017

    Illustrator and character designer Teodoru Badiu shares some of his MODO tips for modeling and compositing colorful scenes just like his...

    FREE TUTORIAL 20/02/2017

    3D art director Gregory Stoffel continues the Know the Basics: ZBrush series by looking at the lighting and materials options using the ZBrush to KeyShot bridge...

    INTERVIEW 17/02/2017

    "Warcraft" and "Game of Thrones" concept artist Joseph Diaz shares some of his great portfolio work, reveals his workflow and lets us know what's coming next...

    NEW TITLES! 17/02/2017

    Ever wanted to try clay sculpting? Check out “Beginner’s Guide to Character Sculpting in Clay,” featuring an introduction by The Shiflett Brothers!

  • REVIEW 16/02/2017

    Substance Designer is a material authoring tool that has just hit version 6 – check out the latest new features...

    FREE TUTORIAL 16/02/2017

    Vikrant Dalal creates a dramatic black smoke effect using FumeFX for 3ds Max...

    INTERVIEW 15/02/2017

    Paris-based freelance 3D modeler Romain Chassefiere created the "Night" gallery entry – check out his 3ds Max workflow and story so far...

    FREE TUTORIAL 15/02/2017

    Vikrant Dalal creates a fine white smoke effect using FumeFX for 3ds Max...

    INSPIRATION 14/02/2017

    New and established artists alike are always looking to their peers – check out the most popular interviews on 3dtotal from the last 3 months...

  • INTERVIEW 13/02/2017

    Freelance artist Megan Chocholek shares tips for ZBrush and creating models, and discusses her career and aspirations...

    FREE TUTORIAL 13/02/2017

    In part ten of the Know the Basics: Maya 2017 series, Paul Hatton explains how to successfully composite and render a scene...

    COMPETITION 10/02/2017

    Check out January's top gallery picks, including Arik Newman's "Crocodile Pirate" winning image which earned 1,070 points...

    FREE TUTORIAL 10/02/2017

    Discover Andrew Finch's methods for UVing and texturing a sleek racing car and rendering it in real time...

    INTERVIEW 09/02/2017

    Brownbag Films 3D character modeler Paul Deasy talks about his latest work and processes, and what it's like to work within a studio...

News - Animations, Movies and Artists

20th February 2017

Check out a collection of great interactive art from Sketchfab.

19th February 2017

Bandai Namco have released the announcement trailer for Project CARS 2.

19th February 2017

Check out the first trailer for The Lego Ninjago Movie.

18th February 2017

Immerse yourself into battle in this 360 degree trailer for For Honor.

News - Tutorials, Features and Industry News

20th February 2017

Easle is a new platform designed to help talented creators - artists, musicians, illustrators, animators and more - find freelance work.

20th February 2017

See how Blur Studio created parametric environments for their Mafia III CG trailer using Forest Pack.

20th February 2017

Matt Dixon has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Transmissions 3, his latest robot art book.

19th February 2017

Frank Tzeng, lead character artist at Naughty Dog, talks about the obstacles and struggles he faced trying to find his place.

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