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  • FREE TUTORIAL 24/03/2017

    Rory Björkman guides us through rendering a steampunk ship in mental ray for Maya and compositing the final image in Photoshop...

    FREE TUTORIAL 23/03/2017

    We take a look at Vahid Ahmadi's ZBrush workflow for rendering cloth and skin...

    FEATURE 22/03/2017

    Helen Norcott is a freelance environmental concept artist who loves speedpainting and recently completed a year long sketch-a-day project...

    FREE TUTORIAL 22/03/2017

    Discover Rory Björkman's sci-fi vehicle texturing techniques in this detailed MARI tutorial...

    INTERVIEW 21/03/2017

    Blur Studio 3D artist George Manolache explores and experiments with his personal projects, and is currently merging mech and organic aspects - find out more...

  • FREE TUTORIAL 21/03/2017

    Learn how to create an apocalyptic diorama with 3ds Max and Marmoset, the perfect portfolio showcase of your modeling skills. In part three - importing assets and creating portfolio renders...

    KICKSTARTER 20/03/2017

    Find out more about our new magazine for professional and student illustrators, concept artists, and animators: Character Design Quarterly – now on Kickstarter!

    FREE TUTORIAL 20/03/2017

    Improve your Maya hard-surface designs with Rory Björkman, as he crafts a detailed spaceship design ready for texturing MARI...

    FREE TUTORIAL 17/03/2017

    3D art director Gregory Stoffel continues the Know the Basics: ZBrush series looking at the render menu, parameters and properties within ZBrush...

    FEATURE 16/03/2017

    Studio Wa Art director Gregory Stoffel offers insight into working for a design studio, getting into the 3D VFX industry and the value of a good portfolio...

  • INTERVIEW 15/03/2017

    We chat with Eidos Montreal's Michel Lanoie about his exciting career so far...

    FREE TUTORIAL 15/03/2017

    3D art director Gregory Stoffel continues the Know the Basics: ZBrush series rendering different passes using the ZBrush to KeyShot bridge...

    INTERVIEW 14/03/2017

    Eric Keller shares insights into creativity, insect life, and using 3D as a learning tool...

    FREE TUTORIAL 14/03/2017

    Learn how Victoria Passariello uses Marmoset Toolbag 2 and Photoshop to add the final touches to her impressive spaceship...

    FEATURE 13/03/2017

    Rising Sun Pictures VFX Supervisor Dennis Jones discusses the freedom of an R-rating, allowing for blood and claw penetration, and other FX for "Logan"...

News - Animations, Movies and Artists

26th March 2017

Activision have posted a CG teaser for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Blood Anvil Mission Team.

26th March 2017

Hocus Pocus Studio created this CG commercial for Hublot.

26th March 2017

Passing Rain is an animated short directed by Yeung Hey Chiu.

26th March 2017

Brunch Studio have created the CG opening cinematic for Ghost Recon Wildlands.

News - Tutorials, Features and Industry News

25th March 2017

Render faster, better, easier with your new best friend, Yellowdog, a cloud and crowdsourced rendering service.

24th March 2017

See how Pixomondo created a CG sandpile using Houdini for The Walking Dead.

23rd March 2017

Go behind the scenes on the Fantastic Beasts VR Experience created by Framestore.

23rd March 2017

Learn about rendering high-res images together with their separate render elements for greater compositing control in this V-Ray tutorial.

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