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Modeling Joan of Arc by Michel Roger

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Modeling of the armour of the bust.
This time, we are tackeling a large piece of work, with the sword it is undoubtedly the object most difficult to model of this tutorial.

Make a Cylinder Primitive for the top, with 8 side dimensions. Position as on the image and Adjust its proportions.

Extrude and make Bevel on the polygon of the top, made then a withdrawal move.
Erase the central polygon, and extrude downwards in the axis of the object, i.e. by activating the Local co-ordinates.
Make a series of Extrude/Bevels by preserving the same values.
Finally remove the central polygon.
As we continue it is easier to erase half of the object and make a mirror copy.
Adjust the vertexes of bottom.
In the back, extrude the edges like opposite.

In the same way laterally, then adjust the vertexes so that surface follows the top of the body.
Extrude edges and adjust the vertexes as shown, in front and behind. Weld the vertexes at the junction of the faces.
Continue with Extrutions to form the dimensions as shown.
Lastly, complete the outer limits of the armour, always with edge extrudes.
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