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  • SHOP OFFER 11/12/2017

    Season's greetings from 3dtotal! As a Christmas gift, we are offering a free e-book of your choice with all orders! Click to explore our shop now.

    FREE TUTORIAL 08/12/2017

    3D character artist Arik Newman takes us through the ZBrush, KeyShot and Photoshop process for his "Evil Advisor" character, based on a Javier Burgos concept...

    FREE TUTORIAL 07/12/2017

    Colombian concept artist Santiago Betancur takes us through the ZBrush and Photoshop workflow for his futuristic-style Batman...

    INTERVIEW 06/12/2017

    Freelance illustrator, Felipe Escobar, talks to us about creating fantasy art, writing ghost stories and the importance of loving what you do, even when it frustrates you...

    FREE TUTORIAL 05/12/2017

    Santiago Betancur dives into the workflow behind some of his character concepts, exploring costume and asset creation in ZBrush, Keyshot, and Photoshop...

  • INTERVIEW 04/12/2017

    Sony Pictures Animation visual development artist Zac Retz talks about his chapter in The Ultimate Concept Art Career Guide, sharing his work and offering advice...

    TOP TIPS 01/12/2017

    In this free sample from The Ultimate Concept Art Career Guide, Cristina Lavina Ferez discusses the best things to do to create your very own engaging website...

    FREE TUTORIAL 01/12/2017

    Alfonso Coppola shows the process he went through to recreate Wei Wang's "Warcraft" character concept in 3D, with ZBrush, Maya, and Mudbox...

    FREE TUTORIAL 30/11/2017

    Giovanni Grecco takes us through the ZBrush workflow for The Witcher 3 character Ciri, the weapons, and an ornamental base...

    FREE TUTORIAL 29/11/2017

    Aekkarat Sumutchaya reveals how he designs and renders character in Photoshop.

  • INSPIRATION 28/11/2017

    50 stunning sci-fi landscapes! Submerge yourself in some of the top 2D sci-fi landscapes online in our selection of other-worldly environments.

    FREE TUTORIAL 27/11/2017

    Leon Tukker and Tyler Edlin reveal secrets to improve your workflow when creating sci-fi concept art.

    FREE TUTORIAL 24/11/2017

    Varun Nair demonstrates how he created his charming artwork "Feeding the Elephant," from initial idea all the way through to completed piece...

    INTERVIEW 23/11/2017

    3D generalist and look dev artist Luis Ramos takes a look at his work and career prior to his start at MPC Vancouver, while sharing his artwork...

    FEATURE 22/11/2017

    Samuel Berry provides advice on some crucial aspects of creating realistic and effective lighting...

News - Animations, Movies and Artists

11th December 2017

Check out a teaser for Reloaded, an animated short by Ufuk Pamuk.

10th December 2017

Lupe wants to be a coach in this new clip from the Ferdinand animated film.

9th December 2017

Netflix have released two teasers for their new sci-fi series, Altered Carbon.

9th December 2017

Two grandfathers shopping at the market bicker their way into the ring in Luchador, an animated short by Esma.

News - Tutorials, Features and Industry News

11th December 2017

When that commercial deadline is looming, how do you hit that target? By giving YellowDog a call…

10th December 2017

MPC have released a VFX breakdown of their work on a VW commercial.

10th December 2017

Hocus Pocus Studio have posted a VFX breakdown of their recent work for a TV project.

10th December 2017

Here is a new method for synthesizing high-res photo-realistic images from semantic label maps using conditional generative adversarial networks.

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