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  • INTERVIEW 22/06/2018

    Animator and multimedia designer from Ecuador, Marco Espinosa, is just starting on his concept art career. Check out his story and inspirations…

    FREE TUTORIAL 21/06/2018

    Check out the armored lizard chapter from the "Armored Beasts" ebook and learn Zbrush techniques for creating your own beast...

    INTERVIEW 20/06/2018

    3D generalist and character artist Karagiannis Stavros creates realistic renders in ZBrush for clients and personal work – check out Lion-O and Jean-Claude Van Damme…


    The new 3dtotal site will feature podcasts and a new gallery option to reveal the levels and passes beneath your final artwork...

    FEATURE 19/06/2018

    Looking to apply your skills to game creation? Check out the newest raft of courses available through CGMA's 3D Environment Arts Program…

  • FREE TUTORIAL 19/06/2018

    Aekkarat Sumutchaya demonstrates how to sketch out stylized female figures and paint them in Photoshop

    INTERVIEW 18/06/2018

    Mexican sculptor of collectibles Julio Macias shares the inspirations and workflow behind his creations, and his push for perfection…

    FREE TUTORIAL 15/06/2018

    "Metro: Exodus" vehicle artist Andrii Mykhailov takes us through the ZBrush and 3D-Coat workflow for us asteroid mining vessel...

    INTERVIEW 14/06/2018

    3D artist Juan Pablo Osorio has worked on exciting short films and feature movies for various genres, and shares his workflow and some things he has learned…

    FREE TUTORIAL 13/06/2018

    Rafael Ghencev shows how to texture a classical greek sculpture in chapter 2 of our Classial Sculpture ebook...

  • INTERVIEW 12/06/2018

    3D generalist based in Los Angeles, DJ Kim, works freelance on a variety of projects for VFX, cinematics, and movies. Find out more…

    FREE TUTORIAL 11/06/2018

    Tyler Edlin shares his process for designing and painting large detailed scenes, from initial thumbnails to a rendered illustration.

    INTERVIEW 08/06/2018

    Indian 3D character modeler Rishi Raj has worked in the VFX and Animation industries for 7 years, and shares some of his knowledge and portfolio...

    KICKSTARTER 08/06/2018

    Only a few hours left on the Cozy Days Kickstarter! Don't miss out on signed copies of the book and exclusive Kickstarter freebies, make your pledge now!

    FEATURE 07/06/2018

    We speak to Digital Domain VFX Supervisor Kelly Port about working with Josh Brolin to bring Thanos to life for Avengers: Infinity War

News - Animations, Movies and Artists

21st June 2018

Dice have released a new trailer for Battlefield V.

21st June 2018

Bethesda have revealed the trailer for Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

20th June 2018

Unit Image have created this new CG trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2.

20th June 2018

A new trailer is out for Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

News - Tutorials, Features and Industry News

21st June 2018

21 photo real portraits made in 3ds Max and Maya.

21st June 2018

Wondering how V-Ray Next will change rendering? Click here.

20th June 2018

Important Looking Pirates have posted a VFX breakdown for their work on Krypton.

20th June 2018

Image Engine have posted a reel of their robot VFX work for the new Lost in Space series.

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