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  • INTERVIEW 26/04/2017

    Concept artist Max Duran uses Photoshop to create varied sci-fi scenes and cool creature concepts. Find out more about his life and workflow...

    INSPIRATION 26/04/2017

    Take a look at the tutorials that quenched your thirst for knowledge from January to March this year – from 3ds Max modeling to Maya animating - and more!

    INTERVIEW 25/04/2017

    "Valerian” concept artist and illustrator Marc Simonetti talks about transitioning from engineering to artistry, interpreting his favorite books and working with Luc Besson...

    FREE TUTORIAL 25/04/2017

    Industrial Designer Juan Pablo Lozano shares his process for creating sci-fi characters in Photoshop...

    INTERVIEW 24/04/2017

    Environment artist Olivier Dubard discusses working in the film industry and how he puts a scene together…

  • NEW TITLE! 21/04/2017

    Figure Drawing for Concept Artists is now on pre-order in the 3dtotal shop! Free B5 art print signed by Kan Muftic for the first 200 pre-orders!

    FEATURE 21/04/2017

    This series by Kontorn Boonyanate combines statuesque anatomy with eerie abstract shapes. He tells us more about the inspiration behind his thesis project...

    INTERVIEW 20/04/2017

    Brazilian 3D generalist Felipe Ferreira Silva discusses creating cool characters from popular 2D concepts, working for Sky, and his plans for the future...

    FEATURE 19/04/2017

    ZBrush teacher and jewelry designer, Nacho Riesco shares his sketchbook and advice on how to become a 3D sketching master...

    INSPIRATION 19/04/2017

    We've had some amazing gallery entries in the past few months, and in case you missed any, we've collated the 20 most popular images right here to feed your imagination...

  • SNEAK PEEK! 18/04/2017

    With over 1600 backers supporting the Character Design Quarterly (CDQ) project on Kickstarter, we're thrilled to be able to bring this exciting new magazine to life!

    INTERVIEW 18/04/2017

    Dmitry Cheremisin shares his amazing work, inspirations, and tips

    FREE TUTORIAL 17/04/2017

    Stavros Fylladitis shares the workflow behind his African Elephant image

    FEATURE 14/04/2017

    Territory Studio's Creative Director Andrew Popplestone and Head of 3D Peter Eszenyi discuss the philosophy and design behind "Ghost in the Shell"...

    INTERVIEW 14/04/2017

    Matthias Develtere talks vehicles, environments and modeling techniques

News - Animations, Movies and Artists

26th April 2017

Marvel have released three clips from their new film, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

26th April 2017

A CG trailer is out for Games of Glory, announcing the game's open beta launch.

25th April 2017

Welcome to My Life is an animated short about a day in the life of Douglas, a monster trying to fit in at his high school.

25th April 2017

Post23 created this CG trailer for the Reservoir Dogs game.

News - Tutorials, Features and Industry News

26th April 2017

Main Road Post have posted a VFX breakdown of their work on the Attraction film.

25th April 2017

This video covers the basics of materials in V-Ray for SketchUp.

25th April 2017

Mike Seymour breaks down the visual effects from the Ghost in the Shell film.

24th April 2017

Ales Rajar talks about the way he uses scanned assets to quickly build large realistic environments.

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