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Making Of 'The Virtual Mime'

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Date Added: 24th March 2010
Software used:

Texturing the Head

The first step was attach both sides of the head and make them seamless. I welded together each point in the middle of the head and smoothed the points together. Then I moved each point around to get rid of the bump that occured between the sides.

Then cylindrical mapping was used in order to attach mapping coordinates to the face.

The mapping coordinates made it possible to unwrap the mesh into a flat texture image file. Now that I had this I could simply paint on top of it and the texture would fit into the correct place.

I took the side and front photographs and merged them together with Photoshop. I tried to erase as much of the shadows as I could from the image. This was because the 3d program creates its own shadows so the two would interfere.

I edited the original texture map and made the bump map from it. I tried to make a continuous rough surface over the face painted area to get a nice texture.


Again I took the original texture map and edited it. This time I made the specular highlight map. The only area I really wanted it to be shiny was right under the eyes so I made this region brighter. I didn't want too much shine because I think that leaves the model looking like plastic. Also I left a small amount of white on the neck area for the skin.

The eyeball texture was taken from a photograph and mapped onto the pupil, iris and white section. The cornea was left as transparent under another transparent layer that covers the entire eye.

This is the finished result of all the maps working together.


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