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Making the scene - from modelling to the final rendering

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Date Added: 24th March 2010
Software used:

Window Shutter

This is the most complex texture (and shader) in the whole scene.
As you can see in the rendered image. This 'window shutter' was built from severalobjects, and each of these objects has its own texture and shader. I used just ONE bitmap - and three or four dirt masks, though.
This is the 'HOT SPOT' in my scene - The central part of my image. Most viewers's eyes start to look at an image from the center. Next, the eyes start to seek some 'hot colors' (like red, orange, yellow). In my image the eyes will find these in the upper right corner, in the birds, and leaves.
Finally our eyes take a global look at the image, then seek contrasts and depth...
This is why I MUST create very real-looking textures ...

This is how I did it...

First I found a good looking texture on the 'TOTAL TEXTURES CDs', and Copied those 2 images, texture and bumpmap, to my HDD. Also I copied several dirt masks (probably five). I used all those dirt masks in the same way I described above (see BRICK WALL or PARAPET section)...
as you can see in this picture, I've select some important things:

When you are placing dirt masks try to place some of them on each 'board' (green colour). Apply some of them more globally, but use different settings for 'layer opacity' (tiny blue coloured arrows).

Using the 'Colour Range' selection method, I selected a piece of another dirt mask, which I then copied into my main texture. (Remember to work on several layers.)

Using the "feather"-Tool, change the selection of the "feather" to 5 pixels (sometimes more, it depends on how big a texture you are working on).

Then using 'Brush Tool' and any colour (in my texture it's dark red), using any brush you like, fill the selection. Next change the 'layer opacity'

...and once your texture looks nice it is time to split those textures into several smaller textures (each new texture on each object).

Save our new texture (do not use .PSD format, because we need this texture, as one single, flat image. We don't need layers anymore). Open it again. Also open the 'Bump map' of our 'Window shutter' texture. We'll use it later. Using 'Rectangular Marquee Tool' select the lowest board. copy it and paste as a new image. The fastest way ro do this, is to use your keyboard.

1. Select your 'board'
2. press Ctrl-C to copy
3. Save your selection (Select\Save Selection\ - remeber to use different selection names)
4. Open a new image, with resolution taken from your selection. Just press (Ctrl-N)
5. press (Ctrl-V) to paste
6. Save our new small 'board' texture
7. Now, open the 'bump map' texture, and load our saved selection. (Select\Load Selection\... remember to pick the proper selection name for each 'board')
8. press (Ctrl-C) to copy the 'bump map' of our new 'board'
9. press (Ctrl-N) for new image
10. press (Ctrl-V) to paste it
11. Save our new small 'bump map' 'board' texture

Now you must repeat all steps from 1 to 10.. for each 'board' from bottom to up.
This is how it looks in my all those 'new board textures'
Now in 3ds max, you must create lots of shaders. One shader for each object.
Remember to use close values for 'bump map' 'specular' 'diffuse' etc.
And now ... press 'RENDER SCENE' button...


There are several different methods to create those objects and textures.
Every method is good, if the final effect is as good as "image" that you have in your head.
But you must know some rules. Efficient work is most important. If you don't have an idea, how to create
something, don't waste the time. Do something else.
Don't think too much, about one thing.
Also I must say that it wouldn't be so easy to create this good looking image, without excellent textures. They are not so easy to come by.
But now, lots of companies offer their texturecollections to Cg Artists.
One of these collections is brought to you by 3D TOTAL.
3 CD's full of lots and lots of textures to use.
When I saw this collection for first time, I just wanted to do some good CG work. But there was one problem.

I had too many ideas!
I'm currently working on 3 other scenes. But now, with those excellent textures, I MUST re-texture them all again...

Somewhere I read this:
CG artist, don't sleep - just rest a little,
CG artist, don't talk to much, just think faster,
CG artist, don't think .... what was I talking about?

OUTTAKES [what funny things happend, during the making of all this]

I spent 3 days from the first sketching to the final rendering !
But writing this tutorial took me 5 days!!! [sic!]

- Good Bless UPS'. They saved my work, all machines and time, twice.

- I changed my final concept. I said "this is gonna be for the last time" - I said this 4 times.

- I prefer tea with rum over coke with rum

- My cat showed me what real scratches look like.



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