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Making Of '3:00am'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:


The Windows

The Windows are... well, transpartent. :D And they are once again Incidence Angle dependant

958_tid_window_main.jpg 958_tid_window_diffuse.jpg

958_tid_window_reflection.jpg 958_tid_windows_transparency.jpg

The Lighting

The Lights in the room come from severl sides. Firstly, we have the 3 "mood"-lights on the right side. To make them cast light into the room, we added an area light to each. The Green mood light has a green area light attached to it, the blue, middle one a blue area light, and the red one a red area light. Since area lights are very strong, we set them to about 33% to 36% Intensity - we only wanted them to lighten the room and not be noticeable as area lights them selves. These lights cause light to be everywhere in the room. To make the area in front of the lights look even more brighter and warmer, we added another light each to every "mood"-light-model. This second light is a simple point light with 44% intensity and the colour set to the according "mood"-base. Since we only wanted to affect the area right in front of the wall, these lights were moved a bit away from the wall and it's range was set to about 2 meter around themselves. You can see these Lights in the OpenGL shot at the beginning of this Overview.

The second lightsource(s) in the room are the Spotlights right beneath the Photo-Wall. Sebastian's inital idea had only a few spotlights in it, but to make it look 'bigger' we added more. These lights are Spotlights with a very strong intensity (500% each) and a range of 5.55 meters. The Colour is lightblue, since Sebastian wanted them to look as if they were halogeneous Spotlights.

Well, I think that's everything interesting about the creation of the picture. If you have any further questions, you can contact us via our website. Thanks to 3dTotal for the great patience and for the great Textures they provided. It was great fun.
Sebastian Nöll & David Kötterheinrich

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