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3D Stylized Head Tutorial

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Date Added: 25th May 2010
Software used:

Skin should also be less evenly colored than just pinks and yellows, so you can get some nice effects with skintone if you have an adjustment layer that adds a tinge of blues to it. You can get some very nice varience if done right. Just experiment until you find techniques that you like and are comfortable with.

To finish off this texture, throw some dark redish colors where the interior of the mouth and the remaining eye interiors are. Maybe make it a little blotchy if you want. Chances are slim that these areas will be seen so you probably don't have to put much effort into it.

The last step is the eyeball itself. Since the eyes are seperate objects, but I want them on the same texture map, I actually put the texture down first, before even mapping the eyeball objects themselves

Go back into Max and select one of the eyes. Go to the Modifier List, Scroll all the way down and apply the UVW Mapping modifier. If the eye was rotated and you have the circular poll right at the front of the eye like I suggested earlier in the tutorial, then the planer map should be applied properly. Go to wireframe view (F3) to see the mapping gizmo. This is just setting the texture to planer and flattening it from the front. Collapse the stack so that it's just an editable mesh. Open the material editor by pressing "M" and click on the material that you have applied to the rest of the head. Click the "Apply to selected" button we used earlier to apply this map to the eyeball. Now close the material editor, and with the eye still selected, Click on the Modifier List drop-down and go to Unwrap UVW.

Click the edit button and you should see something like the image below


Right now the eye is over the entire map, but we only want it over the small area where the eye actually is on the texture. So select it and scale it down and move it into position.

If part of the sphere goes over some of the skin in order to make the pupil large enough, don't worry about it. That part of the eye probably won't be seen anyways. Avoid it if possible though

This is what my UVs ended up being. We're done with this eye, but we aren't going to collapse the stack yet. There are two buttons under the Edit button. Save and Load. We're going to make use of these now. Click the save button and name the file eye.

Now collapse the stack and select the other eye. Press M to open the material editor. Apply the main texture to this eye. Close the material editor and then, Apply a Unwrap UVW modifier to this eye.

Click the Load button and open the file you just save for the other eye. Wha-la! You've got the eye textured on this eye too.
You may need to click the Edit button and make some little adjustments, but it should be pretty close at this point


Well, this pretty much finishes up texturing the head. Some small part of me wants to continue the tutorial onto the hair, but I honestly doubt I will... I'll probably make hair for this head, but I don't know if I have time to make a tutorial for it.

My goal with this tutorial was to teach people techniques that they can use on a wide variety of things, and not just a tutorial on 'how to make this one specific head this one specific way'. Those tutorials never seem to do people a lot of good.

I hope you got something out of this and that it'll help you in your future modeling endeavers. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed it, I'd love to hear from you. You can drop by my message board and send me a PM or note me on DeviantArt. I don't post my email on the net because I get spammed too mcuh.

My DeviantArt page is


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