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Making Of 'The Post Apocalyptic Hunter'

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Date Added: 18th December 2009
Software used:

Chapter 3 - The Materials (continued)

Use them as much as you can! Try to keep your maps simple on the one hand but on the other hand try to make your materials as random as possible.... Try to mix several blend-materials!
You might hopefully come up with something like this: PIC17 (another 3 layers were added in the bump-channel)

That doesn't look "real" too, but you can work with this material very well and mix it into other materials again...

Tweak those Maps a little bit , add new ones and you might as well end up with something like this: PIC18, PIC19, PIC20!




I know, it sounds difficult, but it's not! Try it for a while and you might become a great fan of proc. textures as well. It's interesting and exciting.
I hope you understand that I can't go into detail too much here, otherwise this "making-of" would become too long.. but if you have any questions on this part, please email me or check my homepage (as soon as it's running again) and you can download some materials there.
All the materials of the "hunter" were made in this way. Sometimes it's only one single parameter in a single map that makes a material look good. So you need some dozen test-renderings to find out which parameters to tweak...

Anyway. I have to continue now:

Chapter 4 - How to create a robot so that it can move afterwards?

One question from me to you: How many robots have you seen before in real life? None? Shame on you.
So what does that mean? If you want to model something you haven't seen before, you need to model it in a way that looks credible. AND: If you can't make it - FAKE IT!
Hey, it doesn't need to be perfect! Just keep an eye on the mechanical parts. Don't exagerate it! If you put too much stuff in the area of the joints, you can't move them afterwards. If you lack detail, it will look unreal. What I normally do is, to model the basic shapes. Then I put it in a neutral pose and add very simple joints whereever they're needed. After that I "fill" the space with "unnecessary" but still functional looking parts like cables, screws, bolts... etc. BE CAREFUL when doing that. You might end up with something we all know: Stiff legs, stiff arms, stiff fingers....

It cost me some time to rig my robot. Some people have asked me: Did you really rig the whole thing?
Of course I didn't. If you look carefully, you'll notice that most of the cables don't start at one part of the body and end at a different one. Most of them are placed on a single part of the body.. That means, you don't have to deal with them when you animate the whole thing! The more cables you have like that, the better. All the other cables which have to move can be animated with different techniques. I can't describe this closer, that would certainly take too much time. Check out your tutorial CD that comes with the full version of MAX, there are good tutorials on it that describe exactly this problem. Rigging and skinng is a complicated subject and has been handled in many good tutorials so I'm not wasting your time describing this whole issue again.

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Adrian on Mon, 22 April 2013 8:34am
Hey mate, thanks for all that, switched to 3ds max from blender 3 months ago and this actualy helped a lot!
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