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Making Of 'Behind The Years'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

Coffee cup: A standard white material with a VRay HDRI map for the reflection slot. Same VRay HDRI map used for the Chandelier Reflection. I used the "Kitchen probe" hdri, you can download it from

Table glass top: A VRay material with these settings: (diffuse: 128,128,128 - Reflect: 37,37,37 - Refract : 248,248,248 - IOR :1.01).

The dirt on the wall and the door were added to the final rendered image by Photoshop...don't worry I'll explain how in the post production part.


Well, lighting can't be easier...Just 2 VRay lights, one from the door: (Multiplier:12 - Color:White - Ignore light normals on - Smooth surface shadows on) and the other one from the window: (Multiplier:2 - Color:White - Ignore light normals on - Smooth surface shadows on).


I used Vray 1.09, no secret settings, I just turned on the indirect illumination and kept the default GI settings as they are and used catmul-rom Antialiasing filter then turned on the Skylight and reflection/refraction, light Grey for the skylight and White for the reflection/refraction...Render time was 5 hours with 1500 pixels.


Post Production and improvements

This part is the most interesting which made by Photoshop: First step was adding the plants and tree to scene and to correct the plants shadows to fit the light in the scene. I picked those plants and the tree from the big collection of plants and trees in the Total Textures v10.

Then, in a new layer I added the dirt to the wall by selecting the desired area and feathered it to about 10, painted the selection black by the paint bucket then I applied the Fibers filter (Filters > Render > Fibers), and finally changed the blending mode to Multiply or Overlay and played with the opacity.

933_tid_Dirt1.jpg 933_tid_Dirt2.jpg

933_tid_Dirt3.jpg 933_tid_Dirt4.jpg


Same method used to add the dirt to other areas.

After finishing with the dirt, it was the time to improve the scene. To increase the image sharpness I used the sharpen filter (Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen) after that I duplicated the whole image and blurred it with Gaussian blur filter then decreased the opacity Value to about 40%....and this is the final result

Big thanks to the 3DTotal team, who gave me the chance to make this tutorial and for these amazing Total Textures CDs that improved my work.

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