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Making Of 'Bruttus 4Z'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

Final wire frame



Well, well, well... The rendering process! I use Brazil Rendering System for the renderings. I've used VRay once but I switched to Brazil because VRay is full of errors.

I don't use HDR maps for the rendering, yet because I love studio renderings. I plan to make some environmental renderings later after learning enough about environmental renderings. Right now, I almost don't know anything about it because I still don't know to relate illumination and objects with environment. I'm currently working on that.


Main Body: For the main body I use "Brazil Basic Material" with Fallof Map with Freshnel effect on the reflection slot, since "Brazil Advanced Material" is not that good. With Brazil Basic Material, I can control the glossiness and Specular. With Brazil Advanced Material, even by setting them up, the main body of the car always comes out overglow. For chameleon painting you can use gradient ramp map on the diffuse slot or in the reflect slot. Play around with your materials in order to get your desired effect.


Glass: For the glass, I used Brazil Glass with default settings.
Notice: Make sure your windows are a box, that is, make sure your windows are two sided because if you put a plane as windows, you'll get a window with too much glossiness.

Rims: There are several ways to show your rims. You can chrome and or color them. So, use your imagination. I normally chrome them. For the Chrome material, use Brazil Chrome with default settings. That should do it. On the 4Z Concept rims, I black colored them and added a red ribbon to give more stylish look.

I advise you to play around with the settings in order to get better results. The rendering settings are easy here are some pictures on how I set up my scene.

At the end, after setting all up, make a nice shot of your car in you preferred POV (Point Of View) and show it to us. Here are some of my favorites rendering POVs.

That's it! I hope you learned something from this overview. This was my first overview and I did my best to explain things. I'll see you around.

João Milando [El_Shadow aka ShadowKeeper, TeknoBrothers®]

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Lito on Wed, 22 July 2015 11:25am
you got it bro keep exploring your potentials and with the luck of the dice someday you can start designing exotic cars for a future Angola manufacturer...
Engin Az on Wed, 10 June 2015 10:25pm
I remember seeing this when I was 13 years old thinking wow and it still amazes me. This is what really inspired me to become a car modeler and designer. Keep up the good work! :)
Jaro on Fri, 14 June 2013 7:41pm
You are great expert !
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