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Making Of 'Caterham'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

Rendering and Post Production

I used Brazil for rendering, texturing, and lighting the scene. The rendering took about 5 hours at 2500x1875 resolution, and saved it as a TGA image file with separate Alpha channel image which I used as a mask in Photoshop.

The final image, after I looked at it, I realized that it was not as bright as I would like. I could of re-rendered it again and increased the sky and omni amount, but instead I used the new shadow/highlight image adjustment in Photoshop cs to brighten the image, and it almost looks like faking indirect illumination/bounces.

I then adjusted the color, levels, saturation, contrast & brightness of the car image. The sky background was from Google image search, but it wasn't as large as the resolution rendering of the car, so I had to scale the image then apply a blur filter to decrease the noise. Then I rotated the sky image to follow the camera angle.

To make the grass look softer and denser I first used the blur tool in Photoshop and stroke the grass vertically with a big size brush to give it the dense and soft look. Then I duplicated the first Caterham layer and set the new layer's opacity amount to 50. For the first Caterham layer I added a light gaussian blur and for the second Caterham layer I used the sharpening filter(so the profile of the grass won't fade away). When I was finished with all of the adjustment I again used the blur tool to carefully fake DOF blurring in the image.

908_tid_image050.jpg 908_tid_image051.jpg 908_tid_image052.jpg

I wasn't really confident with the compositions of the final image and kept tweaking and trying different "styles" with it until now, that's why for the future I would like to learn more about composition of color, light, and space(does anybody know any references?). Also learn about the "artistic" side of creating a 3d image. But for now, overall, I'm pretty happy with the results of this project.

The Caterham project took me 2 weeks to finish. Half was for modeling and the other half was for texturing, lighting, rendering, and the post production.

For any questions please feel free to email me.



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Meddi on Tue, 08 May 2012 10:16am
Nicely done buddy...
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