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Making Of 'Morocco Topo'

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Date Added: 23rd June 2011
Software used:


I use V-Ray to render, and the lights that I commonly use are VrayLightPlane because I like the result. The samples from the shadows I always leave at about 20, depending on if I want a bit of grain in the render or not. The camera for this image was a V-Ray Physical.

I also used settings that I had saved in the past. I think it's a good idea to have render settings for situations like interior lighting, outdoor light etc, as then you only really have to indicate the directions and types of lights (Fig.11- 12).

Fig. 11

Fig. 12

The materials I used are mostly V-Ray materials with a Normal and Bump map, and Diffuse and Specular maps in some cases. The skin material is VraySSS2, although as he was covered with hair, the translucency effect wasn't very important.


Here you can see the various passes I used (Fig.13).

Fig. 13

In Photoshop the assembly sequence was as follows (Fig.14 - 17).

Fig. 14

Fig. 15

Fig. 16

Fig. 17

And here's the final image (Fig.18).

Fig. 18


I think there are much more complex models on 3DTotal, but personally this work helped me to learn how to use some new tools and produce more of a professional result. I learned a little more about good workflows and this was very satisfying. I think that as a modeling and 3D project there is still some work to be done, but the learning I gained from this process was invaluable.I think that these Making Ofs are very useful when you already know how to use some 3D tools and want to know how other people's work compares, and also see that there are different ways to achieve the same result. I've always liked to review the processes of other 3D artists and it was great to write this Making Of. I hope you find it useful and let me know if you have any questions.

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Marcos on Sun, 17 November 2013 4:39am
Did you paint in the fur in photoshop or in a 3d program?
Simone on Mon, 20 February 2012 6:37am
Really beautiful. Thanks for this great tutorial!
Naybsino on Sat, 25 June 2011 10:51pm
cool stuff
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