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Modelling Creature Details

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
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Modeling spines / bottom scales

Now, lets see how to model creature's bottom scales and spines.
In this part there's allot of room for your own creativity and experimenting. Try just to get the general idea here and not to clone every step because there is no right and wrong here and lots of different things can work to get different shapes. It is especially important this time to have everything ready ahead because in this step you are making every step to your entire model at once (and not locally).

1-2. Go to the relevant part of your model and make sure it is ready, try to make the gaps as even as you can and select the edge ring.
3. convert your selection to polygons (using control), get back to edges, apply chamfer and get back to polygon selection.
4. Extrude the polygons, scale them wider and pull them back slightly.
5-7. Select the edge ring, hit connect and pull the line slightly lower. go back to polygon selection, extrude and scale wider.
8. Extrude again, but this time change it to extrude by polygon to create 2 bulges on each part.
9. scale the polygons down.
10. select the long middle edge loop and use extrude edge.
11. select only the highest vertex on that edge in every part (try selecting from the front view if it allows it) and pull down.
12-13 select similar polygons on each part and extrude. It is recommended at this point to start saving sub selections by giving them different ID's so that they could be selected for further editing with a single click.
14. So now we have something basic that serves our goal.
15-17 But this could be pushed further and further by making more extrusions and moving more vertexes you continue to add more details and make it more and more unique.


Modeling dragon wings

This is the final part of this tutorial. It has little to do with preparing the topology of the model ahead this time because This can start from a single polygon (unless you wish to fully connect to wings to the body like I did with my dragon).

This part combines allot of the methods we covered in the earlier parts.

Note that I often tweak certain vertices's more than once as I go along.
1. After you decided where the wing comes from and prepared the polygon on the model, extrude it. 2-3. Make more extrusions as shown.
4-5. Extrude the "branches", make sure u make an equal amount of extrusions to each branch for the following steps
6. You might want to add a spike there.
7. Select the polygons between 2 branches, extrude with a value of 0 and scale to make them less wide.
8. Unselect the starting polygon of each branch so that you could Use Bridge to fill between the wings.
9-10. Delete the 4 polygons of the gap and fill the hole (ON BOTH SIDES OF THE WING) using create in polygon mode.
11. Check "show end result" to see that its smoothed properly.
12-17. Repeat the same between the other branches.
18-20. make the wings' skin rounder (you might wanna slightly use soft selection to do it quickly).
21. Now that you have a good clean solid base, Start adding more details and refining the details as you see fit.



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