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Criven Tutorial

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

Attaching the ear is not that difficult. First, import the ear file, and scale it appropriately. Then, click on the head editable poly and click on the 'Attach' button. Now click on the ear. To attach the ear to the head, you need to delete the polygons on the head that face the ear. Then, it's simply a case of using the weld tool to weld the points from the ear to the points on the head.

I added some creasing to the ear at this stage, and shaped his chin. This is the cleaning up stage:

This is the finished version of the head. Apart from texturing of course. In this final stage i have filled in the backs of the ears and attached them (so the head is now solid) and also defined more wrinkles and cuts. I also made his look sinister, by simply lowering his eyebrows.

There are no mesh smoothing on the model, just lots of cuts! To make the model look smooth, like in the two renders at the top, simply turn on MeshSmooth with 0 iterations. This will not split the geometry, only shade the model and make it look smooth. This saves a lot of rendering time and results are great.
I am currently working on texturing the head, and below you can see the UVW Unwrap of the head. I used Texporter for this (a free plugin available from

If you have any questions, comments, tips etc., send them my way! My email address is

Special thanks to Sol and Mark for technical help, and to my family, friends and my girlfriend for ongoing support. I am currently looking for part time work (in UK or Ireland). My website is and my portfolio can be seen at

Also, check out to share the knowledge, ask a question or join in on the fun. Thanks and byeeeeee!


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