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Making Of 'Village'

By dOUGh
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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

For the trees, the bushes and the palm tree Xfrog was used for modelling. The plants were exported to Lightwave, after a few modifications they were textured. Since the agave was a pretty nonrelevant part of the image, I did not (re)create the model, but used the already perfect example that came with Xfrog and retextured it - shame on me for that one.

The donkey, although not looking very realistic, was a little more work. After looking for donkey images (Google) as reference, I found one side-view which I used as background for modelling. The donkey was made poly-by-poly, first very rough, then more details were added to enhance the simple mesh.

The packages on his back were also made poly-by-poly. The mat-rolls were made unrolled first, then rolled manually - each small selected part was rotated a few degrees until the roll was complete. All the packages were connected via ropes. I used "Rope Editor" - great free demo-plugin from Norman W. Johnson - to create these ropes, as I wanted more detail than in the background-ropes.


For all objects beside the ground and the donkey, I used Total Textures v12 + v13. For the tower, 3 different materials were used together with dirt-maps and procedurals. I used cylindrical mapping for the different maps.

For the wall an UV-map had to be created. The mesh was flattened by rotating the different parts of the wall toward one direction. A morph map was used so that the base model would stay intact during deformation. After the model was made plane, the UV-Map was applied as planar mapping. Then the morph map was deleted.

A screenshot of the UV-Map was used as background for texture-painting in Photoshop. Different textures from the Total Texture CD's were used to compose the color-map of the wall.

For the bump-maps all layers were copied. The copies were desaturated, then the layers with the bricks were inverted and changed in contrast, while the other layers stayed the same. That is made, because the bricks are darker than the fugues, for the bump-map, this has to be changed to make the bricks stand out. I also created a dirt-map by composing dirt-maps from various Total Textures.

863_tid_tex-wallbump.jpg 863_tid_tex-wallcolor.jpg

The material of the wall used the color- and bump-map. For diffuse the color-map was used at 30 % opacity, also a black/white gradient with input parameter set to "incidence angle" was used. The bump-map was also used as specular-map. The dirt-map served to lighten up the edges of the wall - it was used as alpha on the color-channel. The map was also used on the bump-channel. This material-setup was basically used for almost all stone, wood and ground materials.

For the houses the UV-map was created the same way it was made for the wall. Morph-map - all polygons rotated towards the same front view - UV-map applied. Textures were used from the Texture-Collection directly - only the colors had to be changed. Procedurals and dirt-maps were also used.


The plants were textured with leaf-images from the Total Textures V10, and also with Textures from V12+V13. Transparency-maps for the leaves are included on the CD. Both transparency and color-map used an UV-map. These Maps were automatically generated by Xfrog and were modified in Modeller.

I used the reference image for the donkey also to texture him. The Image was used in Sasquatch for the color of the fur. The appearance of the donkey was controlled via the fur-setup in Sasquatch.

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