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Making Of 'Village'

By dOUGh
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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:
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This scene was made using Lightwave for modelling, Photoshop was used for the textures, background image and post work

I wanted to create a warm and pleasant nature scene. I have seen an old painted picture, which used the same perspective for a view over a valley. I wanted the viewer to look over the ocean instead. For such an image I needed an environment with the hill itself, a few houses and a lot of plants.


The most important model was the ground. It was created point by point very rough. I created a basic scene in Layout for better feedback of my changes. When I had the basic form, the ground-model was sub-patched and freezed at a low level.

Refinements were made via point modification. For some areas I used Lightwave's edge-tool to add more detail. The new points were moved to form an edge - this was made to indicate the walkway.

Other details were created like the three sticks with the rope on them up on the hill, the power supply line and the handrail. For the big stones from the stairs, planes were made in top-view - these planes were then extruded and bevelled on top. The finished objects were placed on the ground-object.

The little stones were created as segmented boxes. I created five or six different stones and applied 3 different materials. I did not use sub-patching for these stones, so they look very sharp. I placed these little stones along the ground

After the ground was finished, the tower on the left was made via the lathe-tool. Boxes with front-polygon bevelled were placed along all edges - around the window and right below the shingles. The shingles are also primitive sub-patched forms, a bend box with 4 segments

For the wall, first the basic shape was created with connected quads. This shape was aligned to the bottom. Then it was extruded to make it solid. The window in the wall was made with the bevel-tool. The same shingles from the tower were placed on top of the wall. The only other details were the window grate (made by crossing boxes), the window frame (boxes with front-poly bevelled) and the little roof over the window.


The other houses were even simpler. Only low poly models were created. For a house, there was a segmented box for the main-part, and another for the roof. For the windows and the planks on the roof boxes were used once more. To give it a little more detail, a rope hanging down the roof was made as a curve. A square poly was used for rail clone, the finished rope was sub-patched. I placed the same little stones (made for the ground) on top of the first background-house.

The finished model for the house was then copied and placed in modeller, with the scene loaded in Layout. The stones on top were modified, some were moved, some deleted. The copies of the house got different materials for the lower part and the roof, some other details were added


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