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Dr Julian's Texturing Tutorial

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

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Using a noise texture this time I made loads of spots, once I was happy i've converted to file again and put with other layers in photoshop.

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Here's my crazy spot texture opened in photoshop and put with my other layers.

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Next i've used a brownian texture to make the very fine wrinkles that you might see on the forehead or around the neck. Converted to file texture again.

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Now for some pot marks.

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The pot mark texture opened in photoshop; we are only actually going to use it in a few places like the nose and around his cheeks, we will erase the rest.

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Now I have started to blend the textures together, starting with the first texture, and doing some test renders at the same time to see how its looking. erasing areas of the textures and blending it with my 50% gray layer right at the bottom using soft light, or multiply or overlay.

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Now looking at the spot texture, we of course only want some random spots and bumps here and there so I will be erasing most of them.

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Now we need to be making lots of test renders while we work on the bump map, there's only really a few areas of this spot map that I want to keep. I like the big lump that's above his left eye, i'll probably try and keep that in.

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I've started fading out areas of the spot map. You see i've tried to keep the lump over his eyebrow. To
blend different bump layers together try using soft light or overlay with opacity just experiment and see what works best.

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My spot map with areas faded, poor old guy he's got loads of spots, but your hardly see them in the final texture.

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Now playing around with the fine wrinkle layer its only really useful in a few places.

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Now the pot mark layer i've used levels adjustment to make the spots darker. then blended them with the other layers.

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Now on a new layer i've started painting in some wrinkles using a small brush and low opacity. Now here's a little tip that can help painting maps a little easier. I render out a simple baked texture, the lighting I used was Dr Emmanuel Campin's GI Joe lighting dome (Link). if your going to try baking a texture with a lot of lights, it can take a while so do it at night or something when your not using your pc. 

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