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Texturing a Scene

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

The next step was to apply the same brick material to this box object that represents the supporting pillar of the roof covering the entrance door. After that we have to adjust the material so that the bricks are of the same size as those on the wall.


Here this is done allready. Take a look at how the bricks are exactly of the same size on both objects (wall and pillar). There are two identical pillars in the scene. We are not going to do the same adjustmenting on that other box here, too. But yes, it has to look almost the same.


What we are going to do is simple: open the "Edit Modifier Stack"-window by clicking on the apropriate button. Copy the "UVW Mapping"-modifier of the pillar shown in the stack and paste it to the second pillar's Modifier Stack. This way the work is done faster and easier.

Let's see what the whole picture is like. You can see how that brick map is repeating on that front wall. Lets hope that with light and shadows we can cover that up.

You can always take a front picture of that wall, take it to photoshop and there paint a brick map and get rid of repeating parts. But we are not going to do that this

The same brick material is applied to some other objects and every object's mapping coordinates are adjusted separately.


This is a result:



For the ground I used a Multy/Sub-Object-Map that consists of a grass and a stone material. The difference is that this time I used box-mapping for all faces that will carry the stone-texture and planar mapping for every face that will be textured with the grass-map.

The "UV Tile"-window shown on the image to the left is for that grass material. It repeats, but you cannot see that right away.

To see what have we done so far look above...

Oh yes...apply a cobblestone material to the walkway around the house.


This house was to be red with gray architectural elements. But during the texturing process I made some changes, the process of which can be seen lon the eft.

Below you can follow the process of finalizing the scene by adding the background and
some flora... Only the maps of those trees are not from the Total Textures CD's. They are just planes with a tree texture applied. To make those trees not look all the same use a different transparency map for each of them.  


These are some of the materials used - all of them can be found on 3DTotal's TotalTexture CD's!

Lastly, before I say Good Bye: this is what the screen looked like right before the final rendering was done.

In scene there is only one omni light and sky light. Rendering was done with Brazil r/s.

Feedback will be greatly appreciated.

© Nikola Drincic 2003 - All rights reserved.

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Treereaver on Sun, 12 May 2013 3:35pm
I know this is an old tutorial, and I Know I'm a newbie here; but is it possible to get a copy of the model as suggested by this line You can download a .max file of the scene here (self-extracting WinRAR)? I have never managed to texture anything like a house using 3d total textures
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