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Making Of 'Hoggle'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

From here, the model is brought into ZBrush. This is where the digital maquette comes to life and most design issues are worked out. I could have kept adding detail, but this level was more than enough for this stage.


Now that I had worked out the look of the model, it was time to get technical. I went down a few levels of detail in ZBrush on the model (as you increase the polygon count in ZBrush, you can step up or down in those levels) I was going to work out the polygon layout for the animation version, and didn't need the extra detail. While still in ZBrush, I created a texture map for the model and drew out my poly layout with a paintbrush tool. This allowed me to work all that out beforehand with a simple brush, before attempting it with actual polygons.

I cut the model in half, and exported it and the texture map out and went into the program, Silo. It has a cool tool called the topology brush, which allows you to draw, in a pen-like fashion, lines on your mesh that will be turned into polygons when you exit the tool. In this case, I just traced my polygon layout map. Below is the topology brush portion in progress. Although I did the model In one shot with this feature, I've since taken up the practice of creating this topology in sections, since it took over an hour to calculate the mesh.


Once the mesh was generated, it was further tweaked (point pulling) and adjusted in Silo. The hat was also made starting with the topology brush. From here, it was back out to Modo, where the teeth, tongue and eyes were created. The reason for this is Modo has object layers, which allowed me to fit and align the pieces easily.


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