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Human Anatomy UV Coordinates Setup for Texturing

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
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Another goal I have seen many other people do is to reshape the UV map into a rectangular or square shape by moving ALL the border points. This is a very good way to utilise the available texture resolution so you will get the maximum visible detail from your texture appearing on the 3D model, but I personally find that it distorts the shape too much and you get texture stretching which blurs the texture too much for my liking. Basically, the more UV points you force to be in a location they aren't really supposed to be, the more texture stretching you will probably experience. Here is an example of the arm.


Step 4: Keep all sections the same scale

After unfolding and reshaping all of the UV map sections, we now need to make them all the same relative size to one another. This is so that the texture will appear evenly distributed across the whole 3D model which will also help in hiding the seams of the UV map. To get all the sections to be the same relative scale, view the checker texture on your 3D model while scaling each UV map. For example, if you have set the scale for the face UV map and are now working on the adjacent UV map of the back of the head, take a close look at the seam between these two sections on the 3D model as you scale the arm UV map. Look at the size of the checker squares and try to make them the same size.


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