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Making Of 'The Last Night'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

After mapping, I applied a meshsmooth modifier and set the render values to 2 and 1.0. I do these steps for all armour-parts with different textures and settings, to get a little more variation.


The Brazil skin shader

You can find a lot of Brazil tutorials regarding rendersettings, hdri/lighting, etc here at, and on the net, so I won't talk about that in this tutorial, but it's very hard to find some information about the skin shader. I'm not a professional character artist, so please don't expect me to know everything. But I will of course try to share all the important information that I do have:

To make it functional, select the skin and activate 2-sided in the base shader settings. In the Brazil luma server, enable sub-surface effects. Now select the object, that should have the skin shader material, assign the material and open the object properties. Look at the dimensions and keep them in mind. In the material editor, activate subdermal scattering and deep scattering. Under depth, enter the biggest dimension of the selected object. If you use false data here, you'll get wrong results. Also try to use an xform modifier to be sure that the scaling of all scene objects is right.

The build in bump mapping

The cell structure only works with an applied xyz to uvw mapping modifer, using map channel:1. So, if you want to use this feature then all your other texture mapping should use another map channel then 1. The other parameters need some tweaking, so take what looks good to you.

Specular effects

If you want to regulate oiliness and wetness with texturemaps, enter 0.0 and that's it. All further effects are done by your textures. I prefer this way, because you have more control.

Under specular, use a light blue colour. Disable the highlight shader, just choose "none". This will archive a more natural look of your skin shader.


To get good skin, you'll need a colour map, a diffusion map, a bump map, a sub-colour map and a oiliness/wetness map. No more tips here as you'll need to find your own way to get this working right. If you like to simulate bones or anything else, use an sss depthmap.

A tip for the light setup: If you use a Brazil arealight, you'll also need a light that affects specular. Brazil arealights do not affect specular at all!


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Emalie on Wed, 21 March 2012 8:02pm
That was amazing! When I first saw the pic, I thought it was a digital painting. Such awesome detail~! Gotta love high poly sculpts.
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