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ABC, 123... The Tutorial

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
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Hey now! LeS back in action after a retardedly long hiatus (pardon the politicaly incorrect metaphor). been hustlin , pushin these pages to loyal fiends at DW, heh. seems they love my product. Busy Busy Busy Busy!. in anycase i'm back as promised, with another brief look into my process. It baffles me when some of these pro cats treat the process of creating comics like its a buncha magic tricks, like its a mystery. some of them scared to show you the reals, they think you may take their gig down the line, ha! well i dont move like that. It aint a community if cats dont share. sharing is good. so on with the bread breakin...

I get a lotta questions (on AIM) on how i go about the way i draw. like, the FINISH, as some put it. Its called "clean up" from my neck o the woods. There are a lotta rules and guidelines i keep in mind when i'm producing. a set of "rules and regulations" i like to keep in mind when going from sketch to finish to get that appeal. i used to have these listed in order, taped in front of me on my wall over my drafting its kinda imbedded...sometimes i forget, my stuff be lookin wonky sometimes when i do usually, but i mostly, MOSTLY apply them to every piece i work on.

"Just do whats Logical" - Walt Stanchfield

I like to always keep that in mind above all else when i'm doing what i do, particularly the clean deadline style i'm using.

1. Construction

VOLUME! There must be volumes in your construction. Create appealing, convinving shapes. Volume is directly related to construction of your forms y'all. no getting around it, so stop trying, heh. i stress this becasue the drawing is not FLAT. Dont be fooled by the 2-Dimensional surface you're working on. all of the shapes are actually volumes. 3D Forms.

2. Naturalism

"March of the Wooden Posers" -This is whats called a "wooden" character to me. each arm, hand, leg, foot, etc looks the same as its counter part. the result is a very stiff looking pose.

This drawing looks more natural simply becasue each part of the body varies in the same way from the corresponding pose above, spine, torso varies and creates a more dynamic, relaxed look.

At this point i incorporate those principles above to this here scribble of my man Naota Kun from the genious show, Furi Kuri. i try to knock out the general shapes and volume in his limbs. *its all in the spine and shoulders baby!* in corporating the natural flair explained about.


3. Drawing through

Drawing through shapes and objects. this is an important step for me when i'm constructing appealing shapes and forms. i mean this by "drawing through " them in space. By me doing this, it allows me to define my shapes easier, adding more depth, weight and volume. this is important as i want everything to work in proportion for cleanup especially UNDER his clothing, espcially for the clean up stage.

4. Clean up!

"Think SHAPE, not LINE!"- this doesnt mean that line quality is unimportant to me! it simply means that when i'm layin down my finished line i'm usually thinking to myself as a sculptor. Michaelangelo was once asked while sculpting a horse out of marble how he approached the task. "I simply REMOVE what is NOT a horse." he replied. This is something i try to keep in mind during my clean up stage- removing from the rough, what is NOT the drawing and adding what IS (But dont get it twisted y'all, it's not as easy as it sounds, ha!!).


5. Post touches

"AVOID TANGENTS!" I try to avoid tangents during clean up. You know, the part of the drawing that doesnt read well? When you look at a drawing and everything seems right excetp for that "thing" or "crap" in it that you cant tell whats goin on? Yeah those. they fool the eye into seeing unintended shapes to blend into one another. keep everything clear and in mind. I make sure every thing done, every line placed, is THERE FOR A REASON.....and not there becasue i'm trying to be cool. Its like a well written story, if its not there to enhance it, it doesnt belong.

Thats pretty much it ya'lls. Now go apply that pressure to them bristols! good luck and thanx for stickin with me on this update! i promise the next one will have a shorter wait! well what are you waitin for? go check out some sketches here on the site or look at some animations! good lookin out for the time!


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