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Vray Lighting Tutorial

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

791_tid_light01.jpg 791_tid_light02.jpg

This is my left and top viewport as you can see i have made two big openings so a lot of light is able to come in the room. I have placed one plane vray light in every window, and a omni light with the far attenuation on make the attenuation big enough to fill the room as you can see on the image above, on the omni light i have set the multiplier to 0,5 and it has a light yellow color. Lets take a look at the settings and what they stand fore. Once you have install the vray plugin for 3ds max you will find the vray lights
under create where all the other lights are.
Here is an explanation for the parameters of the vray light

On= checked on unchecked of (standard checked)

Doublesided= when this is checked (works only on a plane light) the light is beamed from both sides (standard unchecked).

Invisible= checked the light is invisible unchecked light visible (standard checked).

Ignore lights normal= when this is off more light is emitted in the direction of the source surface normal (standard checked).

Normalize intensity= Normally, when you make the light bigger or smaller the light intensity will take affect but if you check this option the size of the light will have no affect on the light intensity.

No decay= When this opption is checked there will be no decay on the light intensity (something like when you use attenuation) on the distance.

Color= color of the light

Mult= The intensity of the light.

Skylight portal= when ths is checked the light will work as sky light source.

Store with irradiance map= when this is checked the irradiance map will take longer to calculate but the rendering will be faster (standard unchecked).

Smooth surface shadows= Smooth surface shadows.

Plane= light has a shape of a plane.

Sphere= light has a shape of a sphere.

Sampling= lower values more noise, higer values smoother resault but will increase at the rendering time.

Here is the render dialouge i am not going in to all settings here that will be another tutorial. Click to see a lager image.
In Global switches i uncheck the default lights this will unable the default lights.

Vray enviroment (skylight) in this chase i have put a hdri (High Dynamic Range Image) map for my enviroment but you can leave it as it is. Check Override MAX's.
In reflection/refraction set the colour to white and multiplier set to 2 this will make the scene more bright.


Color mapping set the type to exponential and the dark multiplier to 2,5.
Indirect illumination Vray has som good irradiance map presets so we are going to use one of them in the picture you can see that i have medium but you are going to use medium to animation this will increase the rendering time so for test renders leave it to a low preset.

So that was about it now you are ready to render the image.

I forgot to tell you about the carpet, it is a chamferbox with a vray displacement modifier added, i used one of the carpet fabrics on the 3d total clean texures to make the carpet, and the corresponding bump map for the displacement map, you can find the vray displacement map under modifiers.

I hope i was able to learn you something i am not the best to make tutorials but anyway, i wish you a really nice day with vray!

This tutorial was created by Linda.


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Ramzi on Sun, 19 February 2012 6:32am
Thanx ... Good Job
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