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Making Of 'The NS5'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

Stage Three

If you look at the NS5, the black wires that he has on his neck, arms, legs are all the same but are different sizes depending on which limb it is. This means that you only have to model one, then copy it (textured of course so that you don't have to texture each and every single one when the modeling is done), as there are quite a few. Creating the neck area was done with box modeling this time, for it is a much faster way Looking back and forth at the reference pictures, I slowly built up the detail in the neck area, part by part just like putting together a kinder egg toy. From then on modeling the rest of the body was done in the same way. Looking at the detail and making sure that it looks right. On this model and like most of my models, I usually work my way from top to bottom. Modeling the head first then the chest, shoulders, arms, hands and so on. Modeling the hand, I used no reference images for this but just looked at my own hand. Once you do something enough times you get used to doing it automatically.Yet when I had to make the hands look like the same as the NS5 reference images were needed. If you look at his hands, they are made in the form of segments. This involved a big part of cutting and deleting vertices. Then detaching some parts to make it easier to edit and texture.

Using the shell modifier before turning on the mesh smooth gives the object density, then when turning on the mesh smooth it looks how I want it to. So to carry on, the making of the legs, I used a FFD 4x4x4 modifier on it as well as a twist modifier to get the shape that I wanted.

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Stage Four

Texturing. The main thing that I did straight away was the head. I applied a UVW modifier to it and turned on the cylindrical mapping. Making sure that the green line (which will determine where the map will be unwrapped, unfolded) was at the back of the head. Then I applied UVW Unwrap modifier, made sure everything was set and hit Edit Map. Its that simple, but you must as I did , correct any stray vertices. You always have to look at the unwrapped map and correct it if any problems occur. Save the image, placed it in Photoshop and paint on my texture. I only used UVW Unwrap for the head since the other objects did not need this. They were simple objects which were textured with UVW Map. Texturing is not a difficult process or one to be feared, the main thing to do its to learn how to texture properly and you will not have as many problems as I did a few months ago.

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