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Making Of 'Desirable Thirst'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

Step 10 - Adding details

Everything has a basic texture. Now begins the slow but fun process of adding details. Using a small brush and shift the opacity and colors a lot i go trough the painting. In a dark textured part i paint with a brighter and more saturated color in the same color or something that stands out. This pushes the details forward and they will "pop" out. Same technique in bright areas, just add dark details and they will stand out.

At this point i have some perspective errors...
My biggest weakness, I tried to fix it by removingone of the waterfalls. This also improved the mood and calmness of the painting. But there remain a couple of perspective problems.

Step 11 - Details again...

Darkening parts so that I can use the above technique and add things that stands out. Adding more details again...

On a side note, water has no color of its own, it's based on the material, environment and with the lighting. The main source of color for water in this painting is the sky and the forest.

I'm adding reflections on the water further down.

Step 12 - Realistic

Quote 001 - Socar Myles about realism: "However, knowing HOW to paint the pillar (or whatever you've got in your background) realistically is important. Before you get too stylized, you've got to have some foundation in realism. Looking at reference pictures so you at least understand the forms you are painting before you get too crazy with the artistic license is wise." - Socar Myles

Reality change, volcanoes often tend to change the atmosphere and color the sky red. So I had to repaint the sky. Adding red and purple, enough so that I could do a nice fade to the blue. I darkened several areas, added stars to the darkest parts of the sky. Made minor color changes to the water to reflect the sky change.

Step 13 - Details...

More details, darker, better mood. Added some shading in the water. Removed some stuff on the left part that destroys the composition.

Step 14 - Waterfall

I love painting waterfalls... Adding a lot of white and bright blue values to the foreground. Really pushing the background back and gives the painting good depth and mood.

I'm still trying to fix the perspective error. This time by modifying the beach and darkening some parts.

Step 15 - Fixing stuff

Quote 002 - Fred Flick Stone about coloring
"From all the artists I have learned from, the one thing most of them say is keep the image simple, keep the values simple, no more than 5, no less than 3. Less than three, the image becomes a graphic representation, go more than 5, and chaos ensues. This does not mean your image cannot have many colors. It can have all the color in the world so long as the value makes up of the image remains in tact. " - Sijun

The volcano had to go, it was ugly and the red lava/magma didn't fit in the color scheme. It was too outstanding and made the mood eerie.

• Added a moon :)

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