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Making Of 'Desirable Thirst'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

Step 4 - Texuring the background

Info 002 - Saturation / Desaturation.
Saturation expresses how much gray your color is mixed with. Desaturated images contain a large amount of grey. Example of artists using de-saturated colors is Linda Bergkvist (Enayla) and Socar Myles. I myself often use saturated colors.

We go a step ahead against the viewer but still working in the background. The objects in the far background are usually very light or very dark. And details are not visible to the viewer. Although this rule is not often applied in my own paintings, i prefer details everywhere...

• New layer or choose the base foreground color layer. I used a brush that where small enough to make single lines (note: they are still quite large because of the huge canvas size). Adding base texture to the background trees. I try to use different values and hues of the main color of the are where I'm painting. In this case i use different values of green. But dark and desaturated values. If i where to paint with the brightest green that we see in the foreground it had broken the depth.

Step 5 - Volcano

More texturing, started working on the volcano. I hadn't painted the sky everywhere (left the part of the volcano smoke). It took a while to repaint the sky so it covered the whole background. Then I started adding details to the volcano.

Link tips:
Handprint - Basics of perspective
Handprint - Format proportions

Step 6 - getting coser

More basic texturing, going forward against the viewer. I started on the tree that comes in front of the volcano. Worked on the first waterfall with texturing and detailing.

Step 7 - Trying to fix composition

Info 003 - Composition
One of the most important issues in paintings is the composition. If a painting has a bad comp-osition it can ruin everything. It helps coming from a design and movie back-ground. Imagine this painting here to the left without the volcano... everything falls to the left. Annoying and disturbs the mood that I wanted.
Composition can be learned by reading some design books and tutorials.

More details on the volcano. Felt that the volcano had some composition problems. Just having so bright red colors there ruins the mood. But by adding more of the same colors around making a transition between the colors somewhat fix it.
So I added some lava or magma running down.
Also added some more details to the trees.

Step 8 - The foreground

Not much to say... Worked on the foreground. Adding basic textures. Using brighter colors than i used in the background. More details added with a smaller pencil using a hard brush.

Step 9 - More textures

Tip 003 - 100% Black.
It's not often I paint with 100% black, nothing is really black. Try instead to paint with a very dark value of the color in the surroundings.

I prefer working from left to right in my paintings. Now when I have finished the basic texturing on the foreground I continue on parts that have been neglected. Tried to give depth to the forest by painting with dark colors first and add brighter colors above.

• The composition was still falling so I added some mountains in the background to keep it from slipping away. You can easily see that it helps.

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