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Making Of 'Nissan 350Z'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

This is the progress mesh that's been chamfered and meshmoothed.

When your done with the hood,im pretty sure you can follow up modelling the rest of the car. Add more details of the car such as wheels, side mirrors, lights etc.

Done with the standard version, then move on to the custom version. Here, mostly I work on polies.For the front bumper, I just extrude the poly forward, and edit some parts with "cut" tools. Keep continuing upgrading the cars. Add rear wings, and custom side mirrors.

As for the scene, I modeled it using Cylinder then convert to poly, add 3 horizontal segments, then scale until it looks like a dome. Don't forget to delete the Top lid, and "flip" all the polies if necessary. For the display, I model from cylinder > then extrude the edge inward > and chamfered.



For the Material, im using brazil advance mat. Standard> Brazil advance > Car paint base shader > Colour and Candy slot (Instanced Copy drag) using Che.jpg as bitmap > Reflect slot color White (value 255) > Falloff Slot color Black (Value 0)

I never use Unwrap unless its really necessary, even though I only understand using simple UVW mapping. Here I use planar UVW map, and control the Gizmo using Scale or move to fit the texture. Don't forget to match the Map Channel.

For the Tribal, it was my own design Tribal. I'm using photoshop to make this texture. Go to tab Paths > click new layer > then draw the Tribal using pen tool (bezier drawing*).

After your done with the Tribal, the material itself is the same like the hood (Che).

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Mike on Thu, 24 May 2012 10:40am
you are awesome, good job! how can I be a good animator like you, some people say to me I have to learn lots of programs like Auto cad, Photoshop and I don't have money to take any classes. thank ya
Kushal Ghosh on Sat, 24 March 2012 3:44pm
Thanx Sir
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