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Making Of 'The Seedbed'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:
Hello, I am Ao Xingcun from china. CG is one of my favorite means of creation in art. In this article, I think it is a pleasure to share the technique with you, which I have used in the art creation. The main subject I want to show in this works is harmony as well as opposite relationship between nature and the human. I show the subject by giving the works lots of complex and delicate details.This writing is not tutorial, so I cannot give you the specific process to introduce how to create it, but I prefer to introduce you the methods to make it and the techniques about how to convey the connotation of the works in the writing. Before starting the work, I practice lots of sketch on paper in order to decide the relationship between line drawing and the colors. This first step is necessary and very important, for it will give you more confidence and bet your boots, and it makes you know which parts of technique of the software you will need, and you need to get these technique, then you can exploit advantage of them in the creation to make your works more vivid. In the works, I have used some Cinema 4D plug: xfrog and DPIT, which can create complex models powerfully ,such as weeds, tree vine, and they help me convey the connotation of my subject more vividly. Therefore, I start it after I master the necessary technique of Cinema 4D.


The first step is modelling. I create a Cube in Cinema 4D, and make it a heart shape model by pulling it. This model is a primary one and other specific models will be created on base of it. At first, I used it as a outside protecting membrane, and because it is full of clarity and blood, I used the unique material in Cinema 4D to complete this complex structure properly.

The hidden line view
The gouraud view

The material setting

Colour channel (noise channel)

Transparency channel (noise channel)

Alpha channel (fusion channel),this channel blend a noise channel and a gradient channel. And the noise channel setting is the same as the Transparency channel

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Just awesome, thanks for sharing!
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