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How to Create a Simple Crowd

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

We create an obstacle with a small table and four chairs, on the next figure you can see the geometry inside the circle. We set the "radius" attribute to 1.2

To simplify the simulation we use only three obstacles. Remember to set up the attributes with correct values, otherwise you will see unexpected situations. Select all the circle created and execute from the Shelf the function Add Obstacle. The circle will be rename with the prefix "CMObstacle_", the script consider obstacle all the geometry with this name.

To see the new particles motion you must restart your Time Slider (to frame 0 or 1), the script loads the parameter of radius and position in the first frame. The script is recalled in the Creation section of particles! The previous image shows a complete scene with the particles, the locator and the obstacles. We will execute the instance function between particles and real geometry.

For this step a human model with low number of polygons and a clip is necessary. We will execute an instance between particles and four copies of geometry; different clip must be applied at each geometry copies to obtain 15 people that runs in various way. Now import the geometries and apply the 4 different clip; for every clip set up the attribute Post Cycle to a sufficient value for the entire simulation.

Now execute Particles/Instance(Replacement) between particles and the four precedent objects. To assign different animation clip to every particles, inside the Instance menu set up opportunely the Object Index attribute.


We have finished the simulation, the next image shows the complete scene. With the Crowd Maker menu you can control all the attributes of the script, try many values to find the best result. To obtain a uniform movement of the crowd you must set a high value for Alignment.

On the next image we can see some of the animation frame.

In this example we have created a scene with only 15 particles, the script works with a maximum of 1000. You can download examples and some scripts from the main page, all the software was provided in a rar archive on the Script section.

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