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Making Of 'The Drawing Room'

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Date Added: 29th July 2011
Software used:

(Fig.07) After making the furniture and the small tables I had to make the other objects, namely the table supporting the mirror and candlestick, along with the lamp and lights. In order to make slots into the body of the table, after adding segments in the appropriate place slots, we can use Extrude and Chamfer to make the edges. Eventually the surface can be refined using the Meshsmooth function. The wastepaper bin and tissue box are made from chamfered boxes. In order to make the details we can use a Line and Lathe modifier. If you look closely at the clock, you will notice it is made of four cylinders. Using these in conjunction with arcs will yield a good result.

Fig. 07

Materials & Textures

(Fig.08) First of all I took a picture of the seat cloth with a 12.1 MP Camera and imported the pictures into Photoshop. I made a texture (4001x5375) and using Unwrap UVW applied the material to the three furniture pieces and seven pillows which took about one day. By using Unwrap UVW on all of the items of furniture, I save UV space. I kept the Texture within the wireframe boundary and deleted any additional texture outside of this. I also did this for the other objects.

Fig. 08

(Fig.09) I feel that when adding materials to a body of furniture, it is better to use procedural maps inside Max, so used a composite combining different colors. I combined two noise maps, mixing different colors to achieve a color similar to the furniture in the original photo. I used this image for the Bump map to convey the leather texture on the furniture.

Fig. 09

(Fig.10) I believe we must consider all objects with regards to reflections. Some things that do not produce light in the real world, do reflect light. However there are objects that have such little reflection that we can ignore them. I tried to consider this effect carefully except for the objects that show a negligible amount of reflection. If we look at the reflections on the surface of some objects that are not completely flat, we see that the reflection is not evenly shiny. For such reflections we can use Refl. glossiness. I tried to set the material parameters to make the objects look natural. I placed a wood texture in the Diffuse slot to make its color natural and changed the color to match. I then altered the texture effect from 30% to 70%. All in all I used 81 materials and 35 textures in this scene.

Fig. 10

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