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Making Of 'The Drawing Room'

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Date Added: 29th July 2011
Software used:

Customized Set

(Fig.03) I am used to building objects in white. Sometimes I encounter problems if everything is white, so I enable see - through in the Display Properties or change the color of parts for a short time. I also used orthographic view or wing Edged faces for editing objects. The Resolution of my computer can`t be more than 1024*768 which is problematic because I maximize the viewport sometimes.  I prefer to use the mouse roller to orbit, zoom and pan because I believe that by doing so makes it easier to change the viewpoint. I set the Orbit to Sub- Object because it is more precise. I choose to zoom about the mouse point (orthographic) using the viewport options in Customize>Preferences menu. Then, zoom in and zoom out on a selected point via mouse roll. The angle snap toggle is on most of the time.

Fig. 03


(Fig.04) To make the suite, I created a Box with specific Dimensions. I then added some segments to resemble the furniture in my original photograph. I then used the Chamfer and the Meshsmooth function to refine the edges of the furniture. The furniture feet and wooden parts were added too, and I used a new box for the arms. I then copied the chair and adjusted it to make the sofas; all I had to do was increase the length. I then added the seat of the sofa to show the softness of the cloth.

Fig. 04

(Fig.05) I initially used three Polygons for the furniture pillows and then added extra ones to build in some of the fabric tension. I mirrored the four sides and attached them together, dragging each corner to the center of the pillow. I tried to make each of the seven pillows slightly different.  Overall, 8996 polygons and 9089 vertices were used for the final pillow.

It's time to make the small table and the table supporting the mirror and candlestick. I made some elaborate grooves for the large table which took several days. I then started to make the curtain, waste paper bin, handkerchief, window and all the other peripheral elements.

Fig. 05

(Fig.06) In order to make the small table I used one Line and two Arcs. I then mirrored these four times to make the glass. I designed the edge by starting with a Line and the applying a Loft, which effectively made the edges, areas and volumes. Using the Cap Holes function, I filled the empty parts inside the glass. I used the above mentioned procedure to make the lower glass. I made the feet of the table using a Cone and Cylinder. Once again a Line and Lathe was used to make the lower part of the feet.

Now, it was time to make the side table in the corner. I used Spline Shapes for making the glass top which incorporated a Circle and an Arc. I used several methods to add the volume, but I think the best one is the Loft. I used a Box for the foot of the table and a Line and Lathe modifier for the stand.

Fig. 06

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