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Making Of 'The Drawing Room'

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Date Added: 29th July 2011
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The Set Of Accessories

(Fig.01) Let`s review the scene: The room consists of the following pieces of furniture, a small table in the middle and a smaller table in the corner of the room. It also has a bin and a side table with a mirror that has a candlestick on it. There is a wall clock, curtains, and the sofa's and arm chairs.

I believe we should live and breathe 3D to give our work soul... we make the work and the work makes us. We should feel close to the project during designing. I believe we should try to imagine the project is in front of our eyes. If you can imagine the building in your mind, this is the thing that will make the scene more distinct. For example the shape of the furniture or pillows and the light that is behind curtains which gives the scene a larger sense of depth. Then I try to focus more on the subject of furniture and think about how I will make them.

To make the scene as real as possible, I had to consider the following. Firstly, I needed the correct scaling. Secondly I wanted a powerful texture for the cushions, carpet, chairs, curtains, and the face of the clock. Thirdly I wanted exact and real looking lighting, the house I chose for the making of the drawing room has six windows so I wanted to use all the light created by these in different parts of the image. Another thing I wanted to do was create a natural, clear and bright render of the set.

Fig. 01


(Fig.02) Firstly, I measured the furniture with a sewing tape measure because of its flexibility; and then recorded the sizes. I feel that by doing this I can be more accurate. I even measured the distance between the light switch and the floor. If you look at the final picture you can see the benefit of having exact measurements. This work took me almost one hour. This was particularly hard for me as I have torn my anterior cruciate ligament! I paid special attention during this process, ensuring I had the correct details for the parts that I knew would be hard to build.

If you have the details of the scale to hand, then it makes it easier to alter different parts of the image. Of course when adjusting scale and size it is important to remember to apply the same changes to everything in the image.

Fig. 02

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