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Beauty Lies in Simplicity II

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

5. Composition and Setting (Object-Placement)

In my scene,you will find a 3-plane based composition. The first plane, holds the standing chair right in front of the camera. This one is blurred ('Depth Of Field').
The second plane contains what's going on on the floor. In fact my second plane is my floor, because the floor appears exactly in the middle of my space (between camera, and wall). Also in the second plane, is the broken chair, and my main chair with the plant. Finally my third plane - the background - is the wall with all those stuffies. I didn't want to cut the viewer away from the space. Thats why I created the door, or rather space where the door shoud be.

6. Physiology and Interpretation

The Window - In the 1st image named "Beauty lies in simplicity", I created only a shadow of the window frame. Those shadows greatly increased the realism in that scene. This time I wanted to show from where that light comes. Why volume light?
Because in those old, dusty homes, there always is lots of dust, flying all over, and there is great humidity (especially in summer). And this dust, and humidity creates our volume effects. If you look closer you willsee single dust particles.

I dont know why I create on old bike object. :) I like the effect of that hanging wheel.

The Flowerpot - I had to place it, because the same object was in the first picture. But there, it was like brand new. A beautiful plant stood on it.
Now, time has passed away...and what was new has become old.

Broken Mirror - Can be a symbol. A very sad symbol...

Standing Chair - A standing chair is a well known symbol. It describes rest and calm. The chair object itself has very powerful intepretation by our minds. When we see a chair, we think of rest, about something calm and warm. A chair has smooth lines. It also has a very good interpretation. People use chairs to rest.Try to compare a chair, for example, to flame...what do you feel?

The Plant - ...also, has something. Look carefully, you will figure out, that only one leaf (the biggest one) is green. It is turned towards the sun, into the light, and towards the only way out...

"Beauty lies in simplicity" ... don't think that 'beauty' word describe the whole nice-looking scene. NO!

'Beauty' describes the plant's fight. Someone who leaves this plant, in such an old house, dosen't think that this plant will survive...
But this is happened. And that's beautiful.
The word 'simplicity' exactly describes the objects in the scene.
They are very simple, easy to model, and easy to place...
They fit to each other composing a nice looking CG scene.

Beauty of imagination lies in simplicity of CG scene...

Click to Enlarge

Thanks to all of you, who read this...hope to see you soon ;)

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