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Making Of 'Kogaion Bot'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

The below presented details were made with different layer styles and blending

I used 4 textures from the CD: one red hatch, one red handle, one red hull, and a grate depicted from an engine texture.

628_tid_texture010.jpg 628_tid_texture011.jpg

As you see there are some bevel and emboss effects and a grate with an overlay option. The bolts and the dish were obtained with circular selections from the hatch on the right and copied on separate layers: the dish with upper bevel and bolts
with a negative one. The central device of the dish (down left) is a handle texture with a negative bevel applied on its layer. The bump maps have been made using the correspondent source textures found on the CD.

This represents one of them:

For the final scene the terrain was made from several deformations of a plane and a mesh smooth applied on it.

The source texture for the terrain can be found also on the CD. For the illumination of the scene, I used 3 lights.


The key light is only one that produces shadows (ray traced). The back light is not illuminating the terrain. The back and the key light are target spots and the fill light is directional and is used to illuminate the terrain. I used 60 degrees FOV for the camera. For the diffuse glow effect on the metal surface of the bott I made a render with the key light only without diffuse illumination (specular only).


I used this render on the final picture as a separate layer in Photoshop with a Gaussian blur applied and some transparence.

Without Glow

With Glow

The backround is a star map from the same CD. Finally, on the entire composition I applied a new layer having decreased transparence with a red 3D Cloud effect.


I would like to mention that the only difference between the original project and the actual one is the absence of the wings. I hope you will enjoy the picture.

For any further details, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Teo Popa
Email address:

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