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Making Of 'Victorian Freak'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

Template skinning

Because the template model has already got skinning I should at least say something about it. I know it may seem a little strange so soon in the tutorial. But bear with me this will help with the model process.

Envelopes - A lot of people pooh-pooh skin envelopes. Mainly because they are not very precise, but for starting your model they are a good system for doing basic skinning, as they don't mind you altering the mesh when dropping down a stack, unlike vertex weighting that can go nuts if a new vertex has been introduced to the stack. Once you're happy with a mesh you can then use the envelopes to convert into vertex weighting and do all the fiddly work. With the model I was building I found I didn't need to use vertex weighting as the skin envelopes where affective enough.

614_tid_image04.jpg 614_tid_image05.jpg
Envelope influences

Mess him up good and proper

So off I went to mess up a male template model

Extend the arms...
Take out the face, replace with lantern and beef up the arms...

Tip - If you want to beef- up a body part you can fatten the mesh by moving the vertex
along their Z-axis using local axis cords. Or apply a Push modifier, which works on the same system.

Then refined the arm so it has robotic extensions and started work on his trousers. For the chimney I used reference from magic lanterns to get an idea of Victorian design

614_tid_image09.jpg 614_tid_image11.jpg


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