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Making Of 'Wolverine'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
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My name is Rishikesh and I am from India, I am working as a 3d modeler for a 3rd party game development company, paradox studios (

I am working on 3d for almost a year and a half after completing my diploma in Commercial arts. A self taught 3dartist, who learned 3d from books, website tutorials and good friends/colleagues with whom I am working with currently. This is my first tutorial ever to be on a website and so feeling very happy to share my part of experience with every other 3dlover.

So without wasting any time, now lets start with the tutorial (so called, as I have no clue as to what all is required for a tutorial) and also I would like apologies for any typo or grammatical errors.

I will not go in detail explanation, assuming that my friend (reader) has some basic knowledge of box modeling and texturing (including unwrapping) in any 3dsoftware.

1. Box modeling is my favorite way to model any character. I started the model using a box in max over my hand drawn rough sketch of the wolverine character.

Refer to image below.

2. I converted the geometry into editable poly and using extrude poly, added segments to it (only half face to start off with). To get the basic shape of the character I moved the required vertices to match my drawing in the left and front viewport and simultaneously checked the model in the user viewport.

3. With a reasonable amount of satisfaction with the basic shape I selected the polys of the flat side of the half head and deleted them. Now I copied the half head in a reference mode and flipped it to get the full head shape. So that the changes made on the original half head shows same changes on the reference head. I applied mesh smooth modifier to the original head and worked in the toggle mode whenever needed for further modifications.

4. Next, using cut and welding tools I started shaping up the model and tried to get the loops of the polys right as far as possible.

5. After modeling the head I started modeling a separate ear and then welding it with the head. After attaching the ear I started adding details to the overall model.

6. I decided to Texture the model first before moving onto anything else. Applying an unwrap modifier I unwrapped the face into a flat clean wire frame and then taking a print screen of the wireframe and I bought it in photoshop to paint the Texture.


7. Using a basic skin texture I worked over it in Photoshop for further enhancements and at the same time matched the texture to go with the wireframe. I kept checking the changes on the face model in max. When the texture was mapped almost perfectly on the face I started of with the bump map for the face.


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