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Making Of 'Battle Toaster'

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Date Added: 16th June 2009
Software used:
Hello my name is Daniel Zak and this is a Making of Battle Toaster my latest 3d work.The scene was created in 3D Max 8, Photoshop and Vray 1.5rc2. In this article I will try to show the phases of building the Toaster, noting my errors along the way, so that you will be able to avoid them in your own projects.

The idea for the Battle Toaster came about when I decided to acquaint a friend of mine with 3d graphics. As his nickname was Little Brave Toaster, I showed him a tutorial of modelling a toaster from ( Afterwards we came up with a plan of enhancing the toaster with several destructive tools. I created several general sketches (unfortunately, they didn't survive). I liked the idea so much that I decided to model such a toaster myself.

The Concept

I had only several loose sketches of the idea, and no specified concept. I wanted to create a machine that would be funny but still seem realistic, so that it would cause the onlooker to think "Hmm... perhaps one could build something like this after all?" The toaster was supposed to be evil, threatening and be a dream of every housekeeper. Unfortunately, the lack of specific plans had a negative influence during the whole creative process. I had read many times of how important it is to have a concept before beginning the work and this time I've experienced it myself.


I've modelled the project in 3d Max 8 using Editable Poly with the exception of wiring. Some parts were easier to do with Meshsmooth, others were pure polys. During modelling, especially on old computers, layers are very useful. I split my project into modules, each part was first grouped, and when there were too many groups, I put them into separate layers. After I finished the work, I had those layers

I think that for the scene to be convincing it should have a large number of details. Thanks to them, the model seems to be realistic. Since the very beginning I tried to add a large number of details, (which I will describe further on). In the final phase it turned out that my computer couldn't handle them all and I had to render the toaster in my workplace. Finally, I found references, concept sketches and similar items most helpful, as they make it easier to add details to the model.In the rest of the document I will describe how main elements of the scene were made.


Main Shape

Before I decided the general shape of the hull is the way I want it, I tried three other, different versions (that's why I named the model "Battle Toaster mk. IV"). The hull was supposed to be very simple and without many details, but it was this part that would define the model as a toaster. The evil mood would be created by the "eyes" and the radiator. As an inspiration I used old american toasters seen in the movies and some pictures from Google.


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