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Making Of 'Jaymz'

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Date Added: 16th June 2009
Software used:

Specific hair combing tips:
  1. CTRL+D deselect all hair strands
  2. X+LMB select the strands you want to eliminate
  3. Lock those strand with lock key

Now you can work with the rest

The eyebrows and beard were done using the same techniques .

Preparing the shaders

In this project, Maxwell render was used because it has a brand new material, understanding which is the same in the physical world. There are a few slots in the editor and those are calculated with the real world light parameters and the results, is a physically correct render. Before, I have tried Mental Ray but had lots of problems with the shaders and depth of the view. The Maxwell render engine has lots of fascinating issues in its body, such as auto DOF. It gives physically accurate results and you are always free form caustic, GI and Ä°ndirect Illimunation checks. Those are done automatically by the engine and are really fast compared to the other classic render engines. Now i'll show you two material settings, the other material has been prepared with the same workflow.

Below you can see the Maxwell render editor. When you right click on the "material layers" space there's a list that appears. For this tutorial we will just use "basic layer" and "subsurface" layers .

Now, in the skin layer you can see that I've replaced the colour map in reflectance 0 slot, transmittance map to transmittance slot (for light travel under the skin ), bump map to bump map slot and roughness is full to the top .
Reflection 90 is the side colour level of the IOR which remains white and this does a good job.
This skin layer is for the colour execution of the process and will only show the colour and SSS effect. Then, adding a subsurface layer in the index of the skin layer. Roughness is checked. If it's checked that means there's no specularity or reflection on the surface, so it's like paper. The weight of this layer is 85 so keep this it in mind for later.

Secondly we need to create a specular / reflection / oil surface. We add a second BSDF layer and call it "specular". Set the colour map to the reflectance 0 slot and roughness to 37. In the maxwell material reflection and specularity work in the same channel so that this channel defines by roughness. The less roughness you have, the more reflection/specularity you get. I use this layer only for reflection/specularity. Now, we have two layers, one for the base color and one for sthe pecularity/reflection. In maxwell's render engine, it will calculate 85 and 25 (layer weights) and process those according to their ratios. For example 85 + 25 = 110, this will be summed as 80 + 20 = 100 and the total weights will be exceeded to 100.

577_tid_doc12_01.jpg 577_tid_doc12_02.jpg

For The Teeths

The base (bone shader) colour is white, but at the same time white also means fully reflective. So, I will have to pump up the "roughness" to 99 and silence the reflection/specularity and additional Subsurface layer for directing the light inside. The second layer is to create reflection and specularity. This time Lambertian is off and its much more reflective with white, but with a 30 unit layer weight, I have to prevent it to compress the base layer.

577_tid_doc13_01.jpg 577_tid_doc13_02.jpg

So the other materials were prepared using these methods ...

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