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Making Of 'Dream'

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Date Added: 20th September 2010
Software used:
Using images of architecture from various countries, natures and technologies, I "melted" them all into a collage. From that large collage I cropped and made several papers. Though not obvious, the paper textures did a fantastic job in building the foundation of the image, adding richness and life to the final result, which is what any good foundation should accomplish. Using the papers made it possible to create some very interesting abstract patterns and shapes (Fig.08 - Fig.17), but most importantly, they allowed the image to be comprised of things relevant to its meaning.

Fig. 08

Fig. 09

Fig. 10

Fig. 11
Fig. 12

Fig. 13
Fig. 14

Fig. 15
Fig. 16

Fig. 17

I wanted the image to flow with energy, so each stroke made was very quick and fluent, without much thought, and entirely left up to chance. I acted purely on just how I felt at that moment and how the image I saw in my mind made me feel. So with those elements at hand, I did my best to translate them to the canvas.

Color & Composition
The emphasis on energy came in the form of, not only the swooping "S"-type curve of the figure and the highly dense patterns and texture within the image, but in the colour. The main idea behind the colour was to have a flowing compliment - initially yellow to red-orange, versus blue to green. The balance I aimed for was invigorating and hopeful in the warms, with calm and gentleness in the cools. Fused together, I hoped to have peace in the image and a sense of enjoyment in life itself - the abstract and unknown.

Making full use of my palette, I blended colours already on the canvas to enrich the image. I fused the greens with the warms to create earthy tones which sat very well on the natural side of things. It was important not to overdo it because the feel of the tones was all that was needed; a merging of colour rather than an addition to the strict palette.

The hot zone of the image starts at the bottom, and the build up of energy takes you upwards as it gets cooler, more soothing and less busy, allowing you to stop at the face which is very integrated with the background - moulded with all the things that build the dream.

Creative Process
The creation of this piece was not systematic; I am not very step-by-step oriented when creating my work, it all just comes together sporadically.  I go back and forth, working on a different area every few minutes. I love letting my natural flow take over, going where my mind wants to go. I know it will come together in the end.  If needs be, I can always consciously take a technical approach, which is actually the last phase of my work. After all that uncertainty, exploration, surprise and shock along the way, the final stage consists of a cleanup and a more technical approach. I do strongly believe that a balance is always needed in whatever is done.

What makes Dream stand out are the various small things that build up the larger picture. The vibrancy of the colour makes it hard not to catch the eye, and the image itself talks to the viewer. I have to be honest; there are areas in the image that I, myself, am still discovering. I believe if your own work can keep surprising you, the creator, then it will certainly stand out amongst others.

The emotion and energy that went into the image shows itself in the image.

To sum up, I had no definite image in my mind, so everything was an exploration of trying to visualise what I felt. Leaving myself vulnerable to the media allowed me full comfort and maximum flexibility with a realm of unlimited solutions to what I was trying to create. Fun while creating is a must, or why bother? It will show in your work! Enjoy what you do and do what you love. Sometimes things just feel right and it all comes together. Those are the moments to grasp and to take full advantage of.

Technical Notes:

Background Stage
I started off filling the canvas with texture, shapes and patterns. For each aspect I used three different utilities: for texture, I used Painter's Paper utility; for the shapes I used the Paint Bucket tool with Painter's Gradient utility and for patterns I used Painter's Pattern utility (Fig.18).

Fig. 18

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Rls on Thu, 16 September 2010 1:04pm
Amazing. I like your work for this picture. Thx to share your creative process.
Collin on Thu, 16 September 2010 12:36pm
easy youth with your killer art work keep it up bro
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