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Making of 'It's For You'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:
With the keypads, aside from doing the above, I also made an extra slice. If you look at the phone you can see that every button has a little slice through the middle - for grip. So I made that extra slice to make the button slope up and down a little, as in the image.

For the texturing I used arch mats; one black one, again with a fresnel and blurred reflection, which I used for the matt parts of the phone. For the front, I made another black one with fresnel falloff, but if you look closely at the real phone you can see that it's a slightly brushed metal material (you can't really notice this on pictures, but the real phone has it). So in the falloff picture I used a noise material, setting the size to very small, and tiling was set in the Z-direction to as small as possible. This stretched the noise map and gave a brushed effect to the material. For the last part, I used an anisotropic effect to finish it off (Fig27 - 28).

Fig. 27

Fig. 28

The silver part was just an arch mat with a high reflection, and very blurred. For the keypads I took an image of the phone into Photoshop, and cut out the keys from the photo. Then, using contrast and brightness to edit the image, I made it extreme black and white. I used the same alpha map trick that I also used for the Logitech face plate (Fig29). I then used that to make sure that the key material had the actual characters transparent, and that the rest was filled. This way, when I put a plane behind it with a glowing material, the keys would light up, but the buttons would stay normal, as would happen with the real cell phone (Fig30).

Fig. 29

Fig. 30

The Scene

The scene itself was dead simple. I just made a plane for the ground, and quickly painted a very simple background in Photoshop, and set it as the scenes environment background. I then positioned the character and phone as I wanted it, and positioned the camera as well. I gave the floor a slightly reflective material, and for the lighting I made 2 Mental Ray materials, set a lume glow material to the mental ray base, and gave one a blue colour, and one a yellowish, beige colour. I made sure that the intensity was set pretty high, and applied each to one of two boxes. I then set off the camera to the sides of the character. This was for the front and back light. I lastly positioned a skylight, and a directional light. The earphones and wires were made with the same techniques that I used for the rest of the models. You can see this in the images. That's basically it from start to finish, and there was not a lot of fancy tricks used, just clean, old simple modelling.


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