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Making of 'It's For You'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:
And for the chest plate, I cut that out of the geometry with Boolean again, copied the copied part again, and placed one of the pieces a little way inside the chest. For the other part, after applying a shell, I again Chamfered the edges on top of the inner piece. This would later on make the Logitech lit logo appear under the chest plate, and give a better result (Fig13).

Fig. 13

Once I had the character built I then started doing the materials, which is one of my favourite parts. I looked at the actual material of the camera and noticed that it behaved a bit like car paint does, in terms of the colour, and the way it becomes brighter and a slightly shifted colour where the light hits it, and also has a heavy falloff in colour. Normally, I would play around with falloff maps a little, but luckily for me, Mental Ray now has a car paint shader - so I used that. I set the colours to what I needed them to be, removed the flakes settings and lowered and blurred the reflections. I got it right in one go, so there wasn't much mystery to it at all (Fig14 - 15).

Fig. 14

Fig. 15

For the black parts I simply used the arch material and made it black, with the RGB value of 010, 010, 010. I tried to avoid complete black because I've experienced problems with GI in the past using complete white and complete black). I used a falloff map set to Fresnel; I never use the standard fresnel that comes with materials, but instead always make my own using the map. The reason for this is that the standard fresnel may be mathematically correct, but I like it when even the part that is directly facing your eyes reflects just a tiny bit, so I can make the black part of the falloff map a dark grey. This way is quicker than tinkering with the fresnel's IOR, in my opinion. The chest plate has a small Logitech logo. I found a good sized black and white logo on Google, and took it into Photoshop. I used the "select by color" range to delete the white part of the image (I firstly made sure the background was transparent), leaving just the black part, and then inverted the black logo to white and copied that onto the alpha channel. When that was done I saved the whole image as a tiff file to keep the transparency and alpha information (Fig16).

Fig. 16

In Max, I used a shellac material, with an arch and design material in the top slot. I made that black, and put the tiff with alpha information into the transparency slot (Fig17 - 19).

Fig. 17

Fig. 18

Fig. 19

The other material was a Mental Ray material with a lume glow in the diffuse slot. I set the diffuse colour to blue. The other slots got the tiff image again. With all that done, I finally set the shellac blend to 50, and that's basically all the interesting parts of the robot now done (Fig20).

Fig. 20

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