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Making Of 'Arion'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

Repeat the process with all the different parts until you have all the 5 maps of all your objects done.

If you are using Max9, then I believe that the occlusion problem is fixed and no extra setting up is needed. Now make a new file and compile all your lowpoly objects together. Mirror what needs to be mirrored and duplicate what needs to be duplicated until you have the whole lowpoly completed.



Now comes the part which can make or break the previous work you did. There is no "formula" on how to do good textures, though a good eye for colour is needed and being able to paint helps a ton. This is not to say that you need to be a masterpainter to create good textures, but it will help a lot. Gather your textures and use whatever gets the work done. Total textures, or you can even try Google image search. Use these resources to find good textures that you can use for your work. For my project, I used a combination and took some pictures of my bag and pants to act as texture for the coat and straps.

With just the base textures (Diffuse, Occlusion, Normal and Height), you should be able to create a nice color base.

Before any real texturework is done. Good start for texturing!

A combination of the original Diffuse, Normal, Height and Occlusion pass is used to form the base diffuse map.

Next step is to dirty it up and add more details such as scratches and stitch work. I used simple metal textures for the base of the metal parts and then added stains and dirt maps while finishing up with hand-painting the rest. For the cloth parts I used my own pictures I took. The stitches were done with a combination of textures and custom brush work.

Anything goes. Photos, pictures, filters, hand-painting, etc.
Anything you can do to get the final result.

I know it's a pain but it really adds some realism to your work.

Use Height map to create some fake highlights to bounce back some of the normal map detail that has been lost under the textures. Height map can also be used later on in the game engine for parlax mapping. For specular map, you can use the existing diffuse map as a base (desaturate and gives slight color tones depending on the subject matter) and tweak it manually for it to work correctly.

The final normal map is a combination of the baked normal maps and a "high frequencey" pass that I had created with crazy bump from the diffuse map. You can use NVidia plugin for Photoshop as well, but I find that crazy bump gives better/cleaner and more controlled results. As with the specular map, tweak it by hand to get the final and desired result.

A blend between the original and a high frequency pass. Be careful with the high frequency detail as your mesh might turn up looking like a blob of toothpaste. Keep it subtle.

Hair Modeling and Texturing

There are tons of tutorials on how to model hair so I'll try and keep this short. Modeling good hair is hard and basically there are no shortcuts.
1. I started with 1 un-modified hair strand and unwrapped it with simple plannar mapping.

2. Steps 2-200 are basically the same. Copy the strand, snap the vertices to the head and manually tweak until you get the desired result. Think about the hair style before starting, or otherwise you will feel lost when working on it.


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