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Making Of 'The Blue Dragon'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

8. Colour Dodging

Used a big, big soft edged Dodge brush and highlighted some area of the background as well as little parts of Hobo's shoulder, etc and little part here and there. I Thought the colour of the sky was a bit muddy before, so brightened it with a lighter blue colour.


9. Background touch ups

The background before was big fat messy strokes, so I decided to clean it up a tiny bit and also play with a tiny particle type brush for some sand effects.


10. Painting over the lines - Part 1

Now this is probably the step that totally refines a piece for me, is painting over the lines and cleaning up colours. Depending how I work, I usually start painting over the lines once I got most of the colours I want approximately in the entire piece. Or sometimes I would do is bit by bit. In Photoshop, I learned to turn the line layer on and off to check if the colours I'm using is working, sometimes the line art and pencil marks on the line layer can distort colours making it dirty, etc but when in fact the colours are right. Painting over the lines doesn't really mean get rid of the lines and paint over them. But more like painting next to the lines and cleaning up the edges of colours, or removing unnecessarily lines, and for me usually that means line that are only draw for the sake of shape references, like muscle lines, etc, water, grass, or just rough sketches line, etc. I started working with the armpit area of the dragon (just random spot). For this stage, I would still choose new colours to make it more interesting. Usually it's really, really subtle changes in colours that I choose, if the shadow's purple, I'd choose a slightly lighter purple with a blue tinge to it..


11. Painting over the lines - Part 2

Basically same thing here, I just kept on refining areas, using the appropriate brush for different areas, in terms of size really, for big area, I try to not use too much tiny brushes, because I tend to be focus too much on small details and break the form of the piece. But being a perfectionist sometimes, I try to keep working on details, that I can't stand just leaving big brush strokes, but I'm slowly learning to make it work, even with bigger strokes.


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