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Making Of 'On the Precipice of the Universe'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
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In passing, I started to think about a "plinth" on which the girls could lie.  It was at this moment that such a snag was first presented to me (Fig11 - 12).

Fig. 11
Fig. 12

Later on, however, I returned to the concept of the edge of a rock, which was originally conceived early on at the sketching stage.  My purpose with this illustration was to make the elements more decorative than realistic.  Therefore I needed to make a rock - not a rock in realistic terms but the decorative element of a composition reminiscent of a rock (Fig13).

Fig. 13

Here I had started to think about the hair.  As it is possible to see at this stage, the girls' buttocks, shins and breasts had also started to become more anatomically correct (Fig14).

Fig. 14
Fig. 15

One more rule artists: Try to conduct work regularly in all areas.  This will keep integrity in your work at any stage.  As our master says, "You should conduct work in such a manner that at any stage it could be taken in a frame and to hang up in an exhibition..."

Here I have made 2 variants of hair (Fig14 - 15), and I stopped at the second as I found it more harmonious in this situation.  So with the general form of the hair now found, it was possible for me to play with the details.

From here on, all the details of the composition were worked equally (Fig16 - 20), and it was necessary at times to take a rest and time away from the image, in order to go back to it with fresh sight.  This way, it was easier for to see any defects in the image.

Fig. 16
Fig. 17

Fig. 18
Fig. 19

Fig. 20

After correcting some things, I started "painting" - not forgetting that work the work was to be a decorative piece, not realistic-looking.  At this stage I precisely understood that the bottom girl should be lighter skin-toned, with red hair. The girl on top I decided should be darker-toned, but at this stage I had not decided on the colour of her hair (Fig21).In passing I worked above a relief of the skin (Fig22).

Fig. 21
Fig. 22

Later, after several experiments, I stopped on almost a white shade of hair for the young lady above (Fig23).

Fig. 23

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