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Making Of 'Sander'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:


Alright lads, here is a little making of from my Emo Character called Sander.

It all started on Queens day when I and a friend (micha) saw some 'Emo' people walking down the street. Have to say I am not into that kind of style, but it's a style really good for caricatures. It's easy to tell someone how an 'Emo' looks like, so it is really good for translating it to a 3d character (or any other medium). So I made a sketch in my little sketchbook.

I draw this simple drawing of an 'Emo' character in my little sketchbook that I got with me all the time. Not knowing what to do with it but just draw it for fun, maybe someday it becomes something (and yes I'm not that good at drawing so don't laugh ha ha).

At school we got an assignment to make a 3d character that we going to use for a motion-capture shoot. I was looking for a concept for a character and found my stupid drawing. I thought it could be fun to make that in 3d. So I collected some reference from Google, and created this reference sheet before making the final sketch

And there he is. A front and side view painted in Photoshop. Took me 2 days ha ha. Have to practice more on my drawing skills. But it's good enough to get an overall idea of the character

After a while I created the low resolution version of the body and head. All the body parts where started from cylinders en just modeled the overall shape. Inserted some loops where I want some clothing folds. But nothing fancy yet


Here are some close-ups when smoothed

I have a hard time making heads out of nothing from polys. In ZBrush I don't have to worry on the technical aspects of modeling, pure creative. So I exported the head from Maya to ZBrush to get sculpting. In ZBrush I created in an hour or so this simple head and thought it looks ok


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