'3D Studio Max'

'Making Of 'Steam Traveler'
by Andrew Averkin

However, the final render results didn’t strongly impress me. They weren’t too bad, but they weren’t too good either. So it was necessary for me to play with the render. I wanted to have the effect of a strong camera zoom so that the locomotive was separated from the background and for this purpose I decided to use the ZDepth channel for DOF, which is also very useful for fog (Fig.62 – Fig.64).

steam travler train andrew averkin train model textured

steam travler train andrew averkin train model textured specular

steam travler train andrew averkin train model textured bump


Also it was needed to create the steam and smoke that I wanted to come out of the locomotive’s chimney. From studying the pictures of the locomotives, I saw that the smoke was different in different case – white, gray or black. I didn’t want to deepen it. The problem was that I didn’t know how to show moving smoke on a static image. After many variants and test, I understood that I didn’t want too long a loop of smoke, because it would block out the sky and some of the background details. For smoke I used the FumeFX plugin. It is simple enough to use and is very powerful. Here are a few examples of my tests (Mov.14 – Mov.16).


For post-production I used Digital Fusion and Photoshop. For me Digital Fusion is very easy to use, with different layers and passes such as ZDepth, RGB, Light, Shadows, Reflections passes etc (Fig.65).


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