'3D Studio Max'

'Making Of 'Steam Traveler'
by Andrew Averkin

Materials and textures :

In principle, there were not many different types of material in the scene. Mainly it was steel, a bit of wood, glasses and once again metal, metal and metal. I wanted the locomotive to look not quite new, but also not quite old, so I thought about using an old technique where you paint over 10-20 times, building up the layers of paint.

I remembered once how I painted an old window and didn’t take off the old layer of paint because it was heavy and boring work and it was simpler to paint a new layer over the old. Bad, very bad work, I know, but … For the metal of the locomotive I used V-Ray Dirt material, reflection map and normal bump map as an old leaking metal (Fig.49 – Fig.52).






In general all of the materials were not very difficult. I usually use a reflection map for all of them because this helps to make the scene look more realistic (Fig.53 & Fig.54).



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